How to make a tumbleweed snowman

Step 2

Paint the tumbleweeds

It is almost impossible to paint an entire tumbleweed so you want to aim for the frosted look. Most people use white spray paint but silver is also an option for the sparkly look. Another idea is to spray the tumbleweed with spray flocking that is sold at Christmas time. Make sure that all the paint is dry.

Step 5

Add the accessories

Choice of hat, scarf and other accessories are up to you. Craft stores have inexpensive top hats. If using a scarf, remember that it is almost impossible to remove the thorns and may not be usable later. With the right accessories, your snowman will be as well dressed as his frosty cousin.


You will Need
✯ Three tumbleweeds in various sizes
✯ Broom stick or rebar the height of the snowman
✯ Twigs for arms
✯ Several cans of white spray paint or spray flocking
✯ Carrot
✯ Charcoal for nose and mouth
✯ Hat
✯ Scarf
✯ Floral wire or thin wire to attach items


✯ Wear gloves when handling the tumbleweed.
✯ Move tumbleweeds with rakes and pitchforks.
✯ Let the paint dry completely.


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