How to make an all-occasion candle holder

How to make an all-occasion candle holder

Create a quick, easy and unique candle holder for any ocassion.

This simple, easy to make candle holder can be decorated in many ways. You will amaze yourself and your friends with all the creative ways you will find to make the candle holder perfect for any occasion.

The candle holder also makes a thoughtful gift. What could be more appropriate than decorating it with buttons for someone who is a collector? It makes a unique wedding favor when filled with sparkling glitter.

Use your imagination and you will find many other ways to decorate the candle holder.


Step 1

Pick your choice of candle sizes

There is no limit to the size of candles that can be used in this candle holder. The only criteria is that it fits into the smaller container. The steps to creating the candle holder uses a tea light as an example but as you can see from the picture, a larger candle makes a stunning display. Votive candles give off more light than the tea light as it sits higher. Matching the candle to the decorations in the glass will make it more elegant.

Step 2

Assemble your supplies

After you determine what size candle you will use, assemble your supplies. The two glass containers should be clean and shiny. In both examples, candy was the choice for decoration. Conversation hearts were used for Valentines Day and the blue and white York Peppermint pieces for a birthday celebration. The tea light was used for Valentines Day and the larger candle for the party. Since this is an easy craft for children, having everything at hand makes it go a lot faster.

Step 3

Place the smaller glass container into the larger container

Center the smaller glass container in the larger one. Place your candle choice into the center glass container and you are ready to fill the space between the two glass containers.

Step 4

Fill the open space between the two glass containers

Anything the size of the Valentine conversation hearts will fit into the space between the two glass containers. The choices are endless. Create a pattern or fill it randomly, it will still look good.

Step 5

Fill to the top of the inside container

Fill the space to the top of the inside container. Light the candle and step back to admire your one-of-a kind creation.

Things Needed
• Glass container 3 1/2 inches high, 2 1/2 inches wide
• Glass container 2 1/2 inches high, 2 inches wide
• Tea light or votive candle
• Decorative items

Tips & Warnings
• The glass containers can be found at many stores.
• It is possible to change sizes as long as the candy or other fillers will fit snugly between the two layers of glass.
• Use candy corn at Halloween or red hots for Valentine’s day, the sky’s the limit for the items that can be displayed.
• Candy is not the only thing to display. Buttons, flat beads and glass jewels also add to the look.
• For a more elegant display, look for a candle holder with etched glass.
• This is a great craft for children but be prepared.If you are using candy, pieces will go missing if you are not careful


    Gilyard  14.11.2015 15:59

    The steps seem clear to me, and the picture with number five lets the viewer see exactly how this works. (Nice craft, by the way. I like it!) I think perhaps on step number 2 assemble your supplies if you displayed a picture of the two sizes of container beside the candle that is there now, it would clarify the process. If the containers do not show up well on the white tablecloth, perhaps placing a piece of colored cloth or construction paper under them would make them show up.

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