How to make placemats from old Christmas cards

Preserve your Christmas cards in a useful manner

You may receive a lot of Christmas cards from your friends to wish you happiness and joy for the season. After a while keeping all the cards can create a mess or at least create problems in finding places to store them. By making them into placemats you can still enjoy tyhe greetings and use them whenever your friends come to visit. They will be pleased to find that you appreciate the thought behind the card and it is likely that they will search for unique pictures and greetings for the next cards that they send.


Step 1

Choose the cards you want to use

Sort through your stack of Christmas cards to find ones with a common theme. Of course, you can also choose them at random to create a very unique effect.

Using a compass or a container with a large round bottom, trace a circle on the center of each card. The circles should be about 3.5 inches in diameter.

Cut out each circle.

Step 2

Arrange the circles

Place the circles that you have cut out so that the edges overlap. In this way there will not be any blank spaces in your placemat.

Use a 13 X 18 inch piece of adhesive plastic. Place the circles around the outer edges first and then fill in the middle section.

Step 3

Cover the arrangement

Using another sheet of adhesive plastic, cover the placemat to keep the circles in place with the sticky side of the plastic down.

Cut around the edges and you have a placemat ready to use.

Things Needed
• old Christmas cards
• scissors
• compass or round object
• pen or pencil for tracing
• adhesive plastic

Tips & Warnings
• You can glue the circle shapes in place and laminate the placemats. Then you just have to trim the edges.
• You will need to have at least 28 cards to make one placemat.


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