How to make tie-on cushion covers

Make wooden chairs more comfortable with tie-on cushions

Adding cushions to your ordinary wooden chairs makes them more comfortable, but they also add a splash of color to compliment the decor of your kitchen or dining room. While you can buy these cushions ready-made, you can corrdinate your color scheme much easier if you make your own.

Making a cushion cover involves creating a cover for a piece of foam or some other type of soft filling. Ties on the back corners allow you to attach the cushions to the chairs so that they will stay in place. You can use just about any fabric and by adding a zipper at the back, the covers can easily be removed for laundering.


Step 1

Cutting the fabric for the ties

You will need two ties for each cushion. If you have four chairs, you will need to cut the material for eight ties and for six chairs, you will need to make twelve ties.

For each tie, you need to cut a strip of fabric measuring 13 x 3.5 inches. Fold this in half lengthwise and press a seam through the center.

Turn in the raw edges of the outer edge towards the fold and press. Stitch the edges together.

Step 2

Making the cushion cover

Measure the size of the cushion pad you will be using. You will need to cut two pieces of fabric for each cushion with an extra 3/4 inch on one side for the zipper and an extra 3.5 inches on the other three sides to allow for the frill on the edge.

Lay the two pieces of fabric together with the right sides facing. Starting with the edge where you plan to place the zipper, pin two short seams 4.75 inches from each corner. This is where you will place the tie-ons.

Slip a pair of ties into these seams with each one 4 inches from the edge. Stitch them in place with two rows of stitching to make sure they are secure.

Step 3

Inserting the zipper

Lay the zipper on a flat surface and with the wrong side of the cushion cover on the zipper, pin the zipper in place. The edges of the cushion cover should come to the teeth of the zipper.

Turn the fabric on the right side and stitch along both sides of the zipper using the zipper foot on the sewing machine.

Remove the pins and open the zipper.

Step 4

Finishing the cushion cover

With right sides of the cushion cover together, stitch along the edges of the other three sides. Trim the corners diagonally to make it easier to turn the corner.

Turn the cushion right side out and press the seams flat. Use a pin to pick out ythe points of the corners.

Mark a line on the cover 2 3/4 inches in from the edge on three sides. Sew along this line to create an edging .

Insert the pad into the cushion and close the zipper. Tie the cushion to the chair.

Things Needed
• Sewing machine
• Zipper foot
• a square cushion pad for each chair
• fabric for making the cushions
• zipper
• matching thread
• ruler
• steam iron
• scissors

Tips & Warnings
• Try one cushion first if you are not used to doing a lot of sewing. In this way you can take a look at the finished product before you cut any of the rest of the fabric.
• Have a seam ripper close by to take out the stitches when you make mistakes.


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