How to make tie-top curtains

Simple to make tie-top curtains

Tie-top curtains are the easiest type of curtains to make for your window dressings. They are designed to give your room an informal look and you can use just about any kind of fabric in making them. You can tie the curtains directly to the curtain rod, but they really do look sharp when tied to rings or curtain hooks. In this way, you can open and close them very easily.


Step 1

Cut the length of fabric

Measure the window and decide how long you want the curtains to be. Add an additional amount of material for the hem at the top and the bottom and cut the material. In order to achieve the proper fullness for the curtains for a large window, cut the number of panels that you need and stitch them together.

Stitch a hem of 1.5 inches on three sides of the fabric. Press all seams.

Step 2

Cut the ties

Ties should be about 6 inches apart on the top of the curtains. Divide the width of the curtain by 6 to obtain the number of ties you need to make. In order to have ties on each end, you may have to make adjustments to the 6 -inch space, but try not to make it any larger than necessary. You will need two tie lengths for each point.

For each tie length, cut a piece of fabric measuring 16 x 4 inches. Fold this in half lengthwise and press.

Fold the raw edges toward the center of the fold and press again. Stitch along the edges to make a hem.

Step 3

Attach the ties

Pin the ties in place along the top edge of the curtain. Let them fall forward over the front of the curtain and stitch in place.

Step 4

Make a facing for the back of the curtain

A piece of material sewn along the top edge of the curtain will ensure that the ties remain in place.

Cut a strip of fabric 3.25 inches wide and 1.5 inches longer than the top of the curtain. Press in the raw edge 3/8 inches along the top.

Place the right sides together and pin the facing to the edge of the curtain with the ties sandwiched in between. Sew through the three layers.

Turn the curtain to the wrong side and turn up the bottom edge of the facing. Stitch this in place.

Press the full curtain and hang it in place on the rod.

Things Needed
• Sewing machine
• Fabric for curtains
• Rings or curtain hooks
• Matching thread
• Ruler or measuring tape
• Scissors
• Flat working area

Tips & Warnings
• It is important to make sure you have a tie on each end of the curtain. If not these ends will dangle and mar the look you want to create.
• Have patience and use a seam ripper to take out stitched when you make mistakes.


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