How to recycle a wine bottle as a lamp

A unique way to use your old wine bottles

A plain wine bottle can become a very simple and unique base for a lamp. The only thing you need to buy is a kit for adapting bottles to lamps and these are sold at most hardware and home improvement stores. You will also have to provide a shade, but you can use one from a lamp that you have discarded.

This type of lamp would not be one you would use in your living room. It is best suited for an informal setting, such as a cottage.

You may also need to include some ballast in the bottle if it is long and slender because this type tends to tip easily with the weight of the electrical attachments and the shade.


Step 1

Select the cork

The adaptation kits contain three sizes of drilled corks. Select the size of the cork that fits the opening in the wine bottle you are using.

Insert the spindle and make sure the washers and nuts are secure on both sides. Then twist the cork into the bottle.

Step 2

Put the cradle in place

The harp cradle is the part that will hold the electrical wiring. Place this over the spindle. Next screw the socket base over the spindle and tighten the setscrew. Put the cord in through the base and strip the covering from the ends of the wires.

Step 3

Attach the wiring

Attach the ends of the wires to the connections in the socket. Wrap them around the connections clockwise before you tighten the terminal screw.

Now you can install the socket cover. Snap the assembly into the base of the socket.

Step 4

Finish the project

Take the finial off the harp and place a shade over the spindle. You now have a very unique lamp recycled from an old wine bottle.

Things Needed
• old wine bottle
• lamp shade
• screwdriver
• bottle adapter lamp kit
• shells or small stones to provide ballast for the bottle

Tips & Warnings
• The adapter kit should contain the following:
• — three different size corks
• — a spindle
• — a harp
• — socket with a cover
• — lamp cord with a plug attached
• — nuts and washers


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