How to remove a sliding glass door

How to remove a sliding glass door

A do-it-yourself project

The sliding glass doors have overstayed their welcome. They must be removed. It is time for a new look, a fresh new door.

This author’s weekend project was just that, removing the sliding glass doors to make way for the new and improved French Doors. It is beyond comprehension to hire someone to do the work, so the only other option is do-it-yourself.

Breaking the project into easy to do steps is the key to a seamless transition. Choose a sunny day and say good-bye to the sliders.


Step 1

Remove slider panel

The slider panel is the part of the sliding glass door that slides open and closed. This is the first panel to remove. Some doors have screens, others do not. If there is a screen, remove it by lifting it up and out of the track.

The doors can be heavy. Two people are best for removing doors, however it can be done by one. Grab the slider panel on either side in the middle and lift it up and outward away from and off the track. This step in most cases is easy and takes no time at all. If the door sticks, prying it loose with a screwdriver should loosen it enough to remove it away from the track.

Step 2

Remove static glass panel

The glass panel that does not open and close remains static. Unscrewing the brackets is the key to removal. There is one bracket at the top and one on the bottom of the door panel.

Use of an electric screwdriver makes this task quick and easy. Use a screwdriver, if needed, to again pry and lift the door off the track. Removal is best done from the outside.

Move this panel over a bit so you can use hands to again lift it up and outward off the tracks and out of the space.

Again, this panel is heavy so make sure the grip is sturdy.

What is left is the frame. Believe it or not, removing the frame of the sliding glass door can be harder depending on how it was installed to the home in the first place.

How To Remove a Sliding Door

Things Needed
• Two people is best
• Screwdriver — phillips or level-1 depending on bracket screw type
• Electric screwdriver, if available

Tips & Warnings
• Doors are heavy so make sure when removing that a sturdy surface is available
• Hold door in middle on either side and lift up and outward
• Lift the door up and then outward off the track
• Removing door from outside is best plan


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