How to remove sliding glass door frame

Not as easy as it sounds

The sliding glass door panels have been removed and the door frame is left. It would seem removing it would be easier than the door panels, but the job takes time and thought.

Allow at least two hours from start to finish.


Step 1

Prepare for frame removal

Some frames can be imbedded into the house, meaning exterior trim may need to be removed.

Some frames may have exterior and interior trim. Both must be removed before attempting to remove the frame.

First use a pry bar to remove trim on both sides of frame, indoors (if needed) and outdoors. Removing top trim pieces may also be required.

Remove the nails and set aside as you will put them back into place later.

Step 2

Prevent damage to walls

Interior and exterior walls can easily become damaged. Using a flat board while prying can eliminate unnecessary repairs later. Pry against the board and not against the house. Gouging and even holes can be created, if care is not given to the process.

Pull nails out with a hammer claw.

Step 3

Pry frame loose

Once the trim has been removed, the next step is to cut the outside edges of the door frame with a metal saw. Cutting the nails holding the frame in place is the key to loosening it for easy removal.

Using protective glasses, place a chisel between the frame and the stud to form a gap big enough for the metal blade to fit. Turn on the saw and carefully cut through the nails.

Step 4

Ease the frame out

Pull and ease the frame away from the house a bit at a time. If the frame sticks, tap it out with a hammer being careful not to ruin the supporting structure.

How to remove sliding glass door frame
Step 5

Finish removing frame in one piece

Ease the frame out and away from the structure. Pull it off and carry it out and away from the opening.

Now it is time to install the new doors. French doors were installed as a next step to this project.

Things Needed
• Hammer
• Chisel
• Metal blade saw
• Protective eye wear
• Patience

Tips & Warnings
• Be careful not to damage walls when removing trim
• Use a chisel to make a gap between the frame and the door structure
• Use a hand-held metal blade saw to cut the nails holding the frame in place
• Wear protective glasses to avoid injury


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