How to reuse coffee grinds in the garden

Tips for using coffee grinds and old coffee as fertilizer

Each time you want to make a fresh pot of coffee, the first thing you must do is dump the used coffee grinds from the basket. Most people simply take out the filter containing the grinds and toss the whole thing into the trash. Did you know that coffee grinds make an excellent fertilizer for flowers and other plants in your garden?

You don’t have to have a kitchen compost to avail of used coffee grinds because as soon as they cool down you can reuse them in the garden. The old coffee remaining in the pot is also useful in watering your plants because it provides the plants with much-needed nitrogen.


How to reuse coffee grinds in the garden
Step 1

Save up used coffee grinds

Each time you empty the basket of your coffee maker, simply dump the used coffee grinds into an empty coffee tin. You can leave this on the back porch if you wish, but you will only get the smell of coffee from it and not an unpleasant odor.

Wait until the weather forecast is calling for rain. Sprinkle the ground around your flowers and shrubs with the coffee grinds. You can also do this just before you water the plants. The combination of water and the used coffee grinds provides the slow release of nitrogen that is so beneficial to plants.

Step 2

Add coffee grinds to your compost

Although many people add only kitchen scraps, such as leftover food and vegetable peelings to their kitchen composts, used coffee grinds and tea bags perform a great service to the compost. They break down very quickly and add nitrogen to the composting material.

Step 3

Mix with water to make fertilizer

If you dilute the coffee grounds you save in an empty can, you can save money on fertilizer for your garden. Mix about 1/2 pound of coffee grinds with water enough to fill a five-gallon bucket to have the water you need for watering your plants and fertilizing them at the same time.

By keeping your container of used coffee grinds outdoors, it will collect rainwater, which is much better for watering plants than tap water.

Step 4

Mix the coffee grinds in with the soil

Whether you are planting flowers, shrubs or vegetables, mixing in used coffee grinds with the soil before you start planting is a great way of fertilizing the soil.

You can save money on fertilizer by using coffee grinds and at the same time reduce the amount of trash you have to put out for collection.

Things Needed
• coffee pot
• used coffee grinds
• water
• plants in a garden
• compost
• container for collecting the coffee grinds
• 5-gallon bucket of water

Tips & Warnings
• Reusing coffee grinds gives you a natural way of fertilizing your garden without the use of chemicals.
• By sprinkling coffee grinds around your plants and shrubs, you will eliminate any problems you have with cats that tend to use the area as a washroom.


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