How to set a harpoon mole trap

How to set a harpoon mole trap

One way to get rid of moles

You walk out in your front yard one morning to find a long mound of upraised turf. You have just discovered a mole tunnel or runway. The next day there is another, and another. You realize that if you do not do something your lawn will be ruined.

Moles are small mammals that spend most of their lives in underground burrows. You will seldom, if ever, see one. They have huge appetites and can eat 70 to 80 per cent of their weight daily in earthworms and white grubs. They tunnel constantly underground in search of food and feed day and night at all times of the year but it is in the spring and fall of the year when they are more commonly noticed.

The most practical and successful method of getting rid of moles and stopping the damage to your lawn or garden is by trapping. There are mainly three different types of mole traps. The one discussed here is the harpoon mole trap. They are well suited to trapping moles since they take advantage of the mole’s natural habits. Described here is how to properly set the harpoon mole trap.


Step 1

Select a straight line runway

Select a place in the center of an active runway where there is evidence of fresh work and where the burrow runs in a straight line.

Step 2

Place trap over tunnel

Dig out a portion of the burrow and replace the soil, packing it firmly beneath where the trigger pan will set. Position the trap over the dug out section with the legs straddling the tunnel.

Step 3

Push trap into soil

Raise the spring, set the safety catch and push the trap into the soil until the trigger pan lays flat on top of the depression.

Step 4

Set the trap

Firmly hold the frame of the trap and pull up quickly on the setting tee. This allows the latch to slide into position inside the pan lip, holding the plate and spikes above the tunnel. Do not step on or near any other portion of the mole’s runway.

Step 5

The mole springs the trap

The trap works when the mole tries to reopen the blocked runway. As the mole clears the tunnel, it pushes up on the trigger pan, releasing the spring and is caught by the trap.

Things Needed
• Harpoon mole trap
• Small digging implement such as garden hoe, shovel, or similar item

Tips & Warnings
• Make sure the spikes are set firmly in the soil when the trap is set.
• Once the trap is set and in cocked or set position, never attempt to move the trap.
• Think about placing a five gallon plastic bucket over the set trap for added safety. Place a brick or rock on top of the bucket to hold it down
• Be sure to set the trap over an active tunnel. To tell if the tunnel is active, push the dirt down on a small section of the tunnel. Check in the next couple of days to see if the tunnel is reopened. If so, it is active.
• Keep the grass short so that it is easier to spot mole tunnels and look the day after the grass has been mowed.
• Do not attempt to dig out a live mole. They have sharp teeth and can bite.


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