How to set the time on a Sharp Carousel microwave

How to set the time on a Sharp Carousel microwave

Resetting the clock on a Sharp Carousel microwave is an easy task to do. Whether you just bought the microwave, or you recently experienced a power outage, or you want to adjust for Daylight Savings Time, you can set the time on the microwave in just a few simple steps.


Step 1

Press Stop/Clear (if necessary)

If the time is currently displayed on the LCD screen and nothing is flashing and no timers are going, you can skip this step and go straight to the next step. Otherwise, press the Stop/Clear button to clear out whatever is displayed right now, such as if the clock is flashing after a power outage or if a timer hasn’t gone all the way to zero.

Step 2

Press Timer/Clock

Press the Timer/Clock button to begin the process of setting the time. Once you press this button, a flashing colon will be displayed, following by «0». (If the display shows anything else, press Stop/Clear to clear it, then press Timer/Clock again.)

Step 3

Enter the time

Using the number buttons, enter the current time in 12-hour format. You don’t need to specify hours and minutes; just enter the correct digits. For example, to set the clock for 3:41, press 3 then 4 then 1.

Step 4

Set the clock

To set the new time, press the Timer/Clock button again. This will end the clock-setting process and return the microwave to normal operation mode.

Things Needed
• A Sharp Carousel microwave
• The current time

Tips & Warnings
• If you don’t hit Timer/Clock before entering the time, you’ll set the timer instead of the clock.


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