How to stop an oven fire

Smother the flames to put out an oven fire. Don’t use water which will spread the fire around. An excellent way to extinguish the flames is to simply use one of the common kitchen ingredients you have on hand to smother it. Keep in mind the idea that an oven is among the least dangerous places to have a fire because ovens are made to withstand extreme temperatures.


Step 1

Turn off the heat by turning off your oven with the control dial. This will help to decrease the temperature so the fire won’t reignite when you do get it out.

Step 2

Two things you may have on hand are qute effective in smothering flames. Look for baking soda and a box of salt. Pour either of these on the spot where there are flames. As you do this the fre should go out. Use the whole box if you need to and then shut the oven door.

Step 3

If this doesn’t make the fire go out put some more salt or baking soda on the fire so that there is a good layer on top of whatever started burning in the bottom of your oven. Then close the door again.

Step 4

When the oven cools down use a spatula or pancake turner to scrape the burned food and salt or baking soda out of the oven and into a waste basket. Then clean the oven thoroughly.

Things Needed
• Baking soda
• A box of salt
• Keep yourself calm
• A spatula

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t ever put water on an oven fire!
• Water will spread the fire because oils and fats will float on it and move around more!
• If you can’t get the fire to go out call the fire department and get out of the building!


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