How to take a door off its hinges

How to take a door off its hinges

There are many reasons why you may need to take a door off its hinges. It’s a very straightforward process, but if you’ve never done it before it can be daunting. Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove an interior or exterior door from its hinges.


Step 1

Open the door

You’ll need access to the side of the door where the hinge pin sits in the hinges, but the door should be open at least slightly so that you can grip it better. If possible, have someone else hold the door steady while you work.

Step 2

Loosen the hinge pins

Each hinge is held in place by a metal hinge pin. These pins can be loosened by placing a nail punch against the bottom of the pin and banging on it with a hammer until it starts to work its way up out of the hinge. Knock each pin up about an inch or two, then move on to the other hinges and do the same thing.

Step 3

Remove each pin

One at a time, knock each hinge pin out of its hinge and place it somewhere nearby. If you’re working alone, it will probably be easier to remove the lowest hinge first and work your way up, but if someone else is holding the door you can remove them in any order you want.

Once you’ve removed all of the pins (either two or three, depending on how many hinges the door has) the door will come loose. Be prepared to catch its weight and not let it fall on you.

To reattach the door, line the hinge holes on the door up with the holes on the wall, then hammer in each pin about halfway. Once all of the pins are in place, knock them in the rest of the way.

Things Needed
• A hammer
• A nail punch (a screwdriver can be substituted)

Tips & Warnings
• Exterior doors are much heavier than interior doors; having a second person to assist you or to hold the door will make the job much easier.
• These instructions assume the door is unlocked. If the door is locked and you can’t get to the hinges, you’ll need to unlock it or remove the knob and lock assembly to open it.
• If the hinges are rusted in place and won’t budge, you can remove the door by unscrewing the hinges from the wall using a Phillips head screwdriver.


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