How to use feng shui to set up your bedroom

Positive chi in the bedroom

The literal translation of feng shui is wind and water. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese science of balancing the energy in your life and in your home. It will bring peace and well being into your life and your enviornment. Every room in the home can benefit from feng shui but the bedroom, where it is so important that a relaxing atmosphere be created, is an especially important room to employ the principles of feng shui.


Step 1


The first step in setting up your bedroom with feng shui is to choose the right wall color. Some of the best choices are light greens and blues. Avoid large areas of cold colors such as white and gray. Some sources suggest a combination of cool and warm colors in the accessories. It is important to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Step 2

Bed placement

Bed placement is vital to the flow of chi. Do not place your bed with the foot facing the door. If this is the only possible choice then place a bench or table at the foot of the bed to prevent the chi from flowing out the door. The bed should have equal space on each side as well as two night stands and lamps if two people will be sharing the bed. Avoid placing the bed under the window as this will encourage the chi to flow out the window.

Step 3


The bedding should be soft and comfortable and provide a refuge that you will want to escape to. This is a good place to combine both cool and warm colors.

Step 4


When it comes to clutter in your bedroom, remove it. Clutter interferes with the free flow of chi. Your bedroom needs to be clean and neat as does the closet and the drawers. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the room and be sure to keep the area near the door free and open.

Step 5

Things to avoid

Keep the bedroom a place where you sleep. Move your office, your computer and the television to another room. Be careful with the use of mirrors, they can reflect the chi out of the room. In bedrooms they are best avoided.

Step 6


It is important to have window coverings. The curtains should be open during the day to allow sunlight into the room and closed at night to create the peaceful atmosphere necessary for sleep.

Step 7


Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. It should be designed to create a place where you can relax and sleep. Creating a sense of peace and balance is important. Don’t crowd your space and remove anything that might be distracting. With these tips you should be able to get a good night’s sleep, every night.

Things Needed
• Warm colors
• Soft bedding
• Balanced space

Tips & Warnings
• Using a wooden bed instead of metal is a good choice
• Go with more rectangles than circles in your bedroom
• Make your bedroom just a bedroom and keep other activities in other rooms


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