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How to choose an area rug size

How to choose an area rug size. Rugs add a wealth of color to an otherwise bland floor. When the size is right, the overall look of the room is warm, welcoming and stylish. When you get it wrong, the room can look overcrowded, untidy or positively shabby. Getting the sizes right is half the... More

How to create a romantic bedroom

How to create a romantic bedroom setting Creating a romantic bedroom can be tricky and frustrating. At first, it sounds all too simple, but when you begin, there seems to be no specific beginning. Would he like this shade? Would she like this wine? Are these flowers used for proposals or are... More

How to make 4th of July decorations

Patriotic 4th of July decorations If you are planning on entertaining at your home for Independence Day, you might want to make some nice 4th of July decorations for your house and yard. It's easy to decorate in a way that will delight both the kids and the adults who will be attending. Holiday... More

How to transform an old bedspread into a wall hanging

Save your favorite patchwork bedspread as a wall hanging Old bedspreads can become beautiful pieces of art when the parts that are still good are used to create a wall hanging. The undamaged sections can be mounted on plywood or hung from a dowel. Mounting a portion of a patchwork quilt on a... More

How to choose pillows

Comfort and styles that make a difference. When you choose pillows, it may seem like a very mundane item, though in actual fact the comfort of the pillows you use can affect your health and wellbeing. Cheap pillows don't necessarily equate to a bargain, and certainly expensive ones are often sold... More

How to crackle paint

Painting techniques: crackling Crackling is quite an easy paint finish technique to master. It gives painted surfaces such as picture frames, shelving and furniture an interesting, aged texture. To achieve a crackle finish a layer of crackle medium, which is a clear viscous coating, is applied... More

How to make an Easter wreath for door

Share your Christian faith, display a wreathed cross on your door Many faithful Christian gardeners celebrate and share their faith at Easter by using their gardening skills to make an Easter wreath with a symbolic cross in the center for their garden shed or front door. They usually use items... More

How to make a portable paint spray booth

Use spray paint with no mess Paint with spray cans or airbrush in your new portable paint spray booth. Maybe you have a lamp or two, thrift store finds you have wanted to repaint, or a toy or birdhouse? Portable paint spray booth Previous Stop Play Next [donate2] Things... More