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How to attract birds to your garden

Simple pleasures for our feathered friends: The wild birds in your locality can also be enticed to spend time in your garden, where you can observe them then, on a daily basis. See to their well-being, by making yours a bird-friendly garden. Especially during long seasons of severe weather... More

How to build a bat house

How to Build a Bat House Known for eating annoying pests, bats can help you to keep your yard free from mosquitoes and gnats. Building a bat house for your yard can be a fun and easy way to encourage bats to live around your home and keep pests from destroying your outdoor play time. It is a... More

How to reuse coffee grinds in the garden

Tips for using coffee grinds and old coffee as fertilizer   Each time you want to make a fresh pot of coffee, the first thing you must do is dump the used coffee grinds from the basket. Most people simply take out the filter containing the grinds and toss the whole thing into... More

How to build a retaining wall with railroad ties

Build an inexpensive retaining wall with new or used railway ties to create functional, beautiful yard space. This guide will show you how to build a retaining wall using railway ties, an inexpensive, commonly available but often over-looked building material that may be found all across North... More

How to display Boy Scout patch collection

Boy Scouts 100 years celebration during 2010 [donate2] Things Needed • Boy Scout patch collection • Colored foam core poster board • Box cutter or mat knife • Small map pins • Digital camera or cell phone with camera • Wood frame with non-glare... More

How to become a guerrilla gardener

Guerrilla gardening is about transforming neglected urban spaces by illicitly working the soil and adding plants and flowers to reclaim them back into the public domain. There are many networks of guerrilla gardeners in many cities throughout the world, in fact there is a good chance one or two... More

How to create a wall that looks like marble

Faux marble is easily done with a rag and some paint If you are looking for a way to dress up a wall, but you hate the repetition of wallpaper, try using a faux marble technique. With a rag or two and a little bit of paint, you can change a drab wall into something beautiful. The marble look... More

How to increase your lawn mower’s fuel efficiency

While your lawn mower will never use anywhere near as much gasoline as your car or truck will, it can still consume gas at a high rate -- often much higher than necessary. If you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, there are several steps you can take to increase the fuel efficiency of... More

How to decorate a mudroom

Decorating for practicality. One thing is sure. No matter how clean your family's shoes or boots were when they went out, they won't be that clean when they come home. The idea of a mudroom is to give the family somewhere apart from the hallway to take off those dirty boots, overcoats, anoraks,... More

How to remove vinyl wallpaper

Removing vinyl wallpaper Vinyl wallpaper has resistance to water, which makes it a good choice for walls that need to be cleaned. The same reason that makes vinyl wallpaper so durable, and cleanable, can also make it harder to remove. Don’t dismay, it is easier to remove vinyl wallpaper... More