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How to decorate on a small budget

Add impact to your rooms with inexpensive decorating tips When times are tough and the economy is not doing so well, most people try hard to eliminate or reduce excess, unnecessary spending. Still, the look of your apartment or house may need a lift. You can redecorate on a small budget, usually... More

How to set the time on a Sharp Carousel microwave

Resetting the clock on a Sharp Carousel microwave is an easy task to do. Whether you just bought the microwave, or you recently experienced a power outage, or you want to adjust for Daylight Savings Time, you can set the time on the microwave in just a few simple... More

How to re-cover a director’s chair

Re-covering a director's chair Canvas directorschairs are an inexpensive, versatile form of seating suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, over time the canvas can begin to look a little worse for wear and will need to be replaced. It is relatively a simple task to accomplish. All... More

How to take off stubborn wall paper

If only every sheet of wallpaper would come off in one sheet! Life would be so much easier. While modern wallpapers often incorporate easy strip features, many older papers are difficult to remove for several reasons. Often these have been stuck with glues which are not easy to dissolve. This... More

How to clean paintbrushes — water-based paint

Keeping your tools in trim. A workman's tools show the pride they take in the job that they do. Cleaning of paintbrushes correctly is essential as this leaves them fresh and ready for the next job, without the added hazard of left over paint. A brush which is incorrectly cleaned will not last as... More

How to protect your garden from wildlife

How to deal with wildlife in a garden If you are to visit homes in the outskirts of cities, especially in India, or homes that have large garden spaces, as in most Asian countries, you will find one thing common; either a wall or fence is built around the yard or there will most definitely be a... More

How to live in the mountains

What can one expect? Every year, people dream of packing up and moving to the mountains. The mountains offer fresh air, spectacular scenery, uncrowded living, and limitless year-round recreational opportunities. Before packing up and heading to the mountains for that Shangri-La, there are some... More

How to take a door off its hinges

There are many reasons why you may need to take a door off its hinges. It's a very straightforward process, but if you've never done it before it can be daunting. Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove an interior or exterior door from its hinges. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Open... More

How to get rid of aphids naturally

Alleviating aphids in the garden Aphids are easy to detect and just as easy to control with a few simple measures. These small, soft-bodied insects are about the size of a grain of rice. They range in color from light green to red, although the most common aphid is black-bodied with a white,... More

How to make firestarters from cardboard boxes

Making firestarters from recycled cardboard containers Next to newspapers, cardboard food container boxes are likely to take up the most space in the recycle bin. If you have a fire place or a wood stove, you can easily convert these into easy to use fire starters. They are also great to carry... More