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How to get rid of aphids naturally

Alleviating aphids in the garden Aphids are easy to detect and just as easy to control with a few simple measures. These small, soft-bodied insects are about the size of a grain of rice. They range in color from light green to red, although the most common aphid is black-bodied with a white,... More

How to make firestarters from cardboard boxes

Making firestarters from recycled cardboard containers Next to newspapers, cardboard food container boxes are likely to take up the most space in the recycle bin. If you have a fire place or a wood stove, you can easily convert these into easy to use fire starters. They are also great to carry... More

How to make tab-top curtains

Show off the rod with tab-top curtains Tab-top curtains have small taps looped over the curtain rod and the rest of the curtain falls from the tab. You can see the rod in the spaces between the tabs of the curtain adding elegance to your window dressing. You can choose to have tab-top curtains... More

How to remove a sliding glass door

A do-it-yourself project The sliding glass doors have overstayed their welcome. They must be removed. It is time for a new look, a fresh new door. This author's weekend project was just that, removing the sliding glass doors to make way for the new and improved French Doors. It is beyond... More

How to decorate a bedroom in French country style

Making a bedroom look French country style You may not have a chateau in the French countryside. However, there is no reason at all why you cannot follow the style of a French country home, and make the bedroom a place with a Continental feel. The French have a certain "Je ne sais quoi" when it... More

How to choose art for your living room

Getting it right When you create a living room atmosphere, it's wonderful to be able to find just the right kind of artwork to finish off that stylish look. How do people plan the finish of a room in order to make it look like every aspect is part of the overall design? The answer to this is to... More

How to make a deckchair cover

Re-covering a deckchair Re-covering a deckchair is a rewarding project because the results are so quick. Within a couple of hours you have a completely new chair. Choose a heavy-weight fabric in a plain, print, stripe or theme to complement the area the chair will be used. If placed near a pool... More

How to calculate the amount of material you need for curtains

Getting the proper amount of fabric for your curtains When you decide to sew the curtains you need for a room of your home or for every room, your first task is to choose the fabric. Once you do that, it is important that you purchase the correct amount of fabric so that you can complete each... More

How to create a Tinkerbell kid’s room

Creating a Tinkerbell fantasy bedroom One of the purest joys of having a little girl is getting the chance to transform her room into a magical realm. One where she will feel like the most loved and happiest little person on the planet. If for your little angel this means a Tinkerbell theme,... More

How to make placemats from old Christmas cards

Preserve your Christmas cards in a useful manner You may receive a lot of Christmas cards from your friends to wish you happiness and joy for the season. After a while keeping all the cards can create a mess or at least create problems in finding places to store them. By making them into... More