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How to set a harpoon mole trap

One way to get rid of moles You walk out in your front yard one morning to find a long mound of upraised turf. You have just discovered a mole tunnel or runway. The next day there is another, and another. You realize that if you do not do something your lawn will be ruined. Moles are small... More

How to select a backup power generator for your home

Shedding the darkness with portable power Image used with permission from Champion Power Equipment In the modern world where electricity is required to power all forms of electrical devices, the simple loss of power to an alarm clock, coffee maker, refrigerator, cash register or fuel pump,... More

How to recycle a wine bottle as a lamp

A unique way to use your old wine bottles A plain wine bottle can become a very simple and unique base for a lamp. The only thing you need to buy is a kit for adapting bottles to lamps and these are sold at most hardware and home improvement stores. You will also have to provide a shade, but you... More

How to make tie-on cushion covers

Make wooden chairs more comfortable with tie-on cushions Adding cushions to your ordinary wooden chairs makes them more comfortable, but they also add a splash of color to compliment the decor of your kitchen or dining room. While you can buy these cushions ready-made, you can corrdinate your... More

How to make an all-occasion candle holder

Create a quick, easy and unique candle holder for any ocassion. This simple, easy to make candle holder can be decorated in many ways. You will amaze yourself and your friends with all the creative ways you will find to make the candle holder perfect for any occasion. The candle holder also... More

How to make a tumbleweed snowman

Step 2 Paint the tumbleweeds It is almost impossible to paint an entire tumbleweed so you want to aim for the frosted look. Most people use white spray paint but silver is also an option for the sparkly look. Another idea is to spray the... More

How to remove sliding glass door frame

Not as easy as it sounds The sliding glass door panels have been removed and the door frame is left. It would seem removing it would be easier than the door panels, but the job takes time and thought. Allow at least two hours from start to finish. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Prepare for... More

How to make a small garden deck

Use Cedar for a beautiful deck Every spring gardeners either sit out on their backyard decks or sit outside on the lawn and dream of what type of deck they might have. Decks can come in all types and sizes but there is something about a cedar wood deck that reminds us of nature. Learn some... More

How to make a scarecrow

Halloween scarecrow One of the biggest traditions of the Halloween season is to erect a scarecrow somewhere in the yard. There are many retailers that supply factory made scarecrows for consumers to purchase so they won't have to get creative to come up with one on their own. Making a scarecrow... More

How to make a hanging bird feeder

Attracting birds to your garden There is nothing like looking out into your backyard or sitting in your garden watching the bird life come and go. Attracting bird life to your garden with this easy to make hanging bird feeder, is an inexpensive project and one that will give you enjoyment for a... More