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How to make a fabric headboard

DIY upholstered headboard If you have ever watched any of the home design shows on television you have seen them create a fabulous headboard for next to nothing with fabric. This offers the most design options of any headboard and for a mere pittance you can create a headboard that just screams... More

How to know the different circuit breakers

Tracing circuits and identifying breakers: Amp-plify your wiring knowledge Step 1 Before you begin: Turn off sensitive electronics Before you start flipping breakers off and on again, turn off your computer and any other electronics that might be affected by sudden power outages. Also turn off... More

How to keep deer from eating your landscaping

Deer, graceful beauty, but disastrous to landscaping Everyone loves seeing the quite, graceful beauty of deer. They are often seen at dawn or dusk, and paint an ethereal picture of serenity. However, many know first hand the destruction they can reek in landscaping. It's not just that they can... More

How to hang wallpaper borders

Adding the finishing touches It's one thing being able to hang wallpaper, but what about the finishing touches? Often walls can look so much more interesting if you use wallpaper borders. You can even use these without a wallpaper background, to make a special wall feature. Explore the many ways... More

How to grow mint

Growing mint in your garden It really doesn't matter if you have a large garden or a container garden. Mint is one of those plants which thrives and which will survive being in a tub. The advantages of this are manyfold, since mint will grow rampant if you let it, and may just drown out all those... More

How to dry herbs

Dry herbs picked from your garden in one of three ways Properly dried herbs may last for up to six months or longer in your pantry, unlike fresh herbs that should be used soon after they're harvested. Having dried herbs on hand means never having to skip the basil in your sauce or forego thyme in... More

How to create a Victorian cottage garden

Bringing back tradition The Victorian cottage garden is a well reknowned style in Europe, and consists of different architectural elements all coming together to form a place where planting is carefully planned and detailed. Many of the plants used form part of this architectural landscape. Other... More

How to drain a water heater

Simple steps will make it easy Draining a hot water heater is something that only needs to be done once in a while. Yet, when the occasion arises, if someone doesn’t know how, it can be intimidating. These occasions may include malfunctions in the water heater itself or... More

How to decorate your living room in American country style

American country design calls for a relaxed and personalized style of decor The American country style includes a lively color palette, an array of textures and the use of natural materials for a comfortable, homey appeal. The American country style has its roots in the early rural... More

How to decorate a room so it seems bigger

Letting the daylight play on color The fashion these days is a spacious look. Often older houses have rooms which look particularly small, and really don't have to. Decorating them to maximize the space available can create stunning looks which surprise and amaze those who see the different... More