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How to buy a quality sofa

Buying a quality sofa A sofa takes a lot of wear and tear. It has to be made of materials that are able to take being sat on everyday. It isn't just the fabric that needs to be durable but also the construction. There are certain things that a good quality sofa will have, that cheaper ones won't... More

How to build a toy chest

How to build a toy chest Building a toy chest can be a fun project for both kids and adults. A toy chest serves a useful purpose in the home. It not only keeps the clutter from covering your homes floors but it teaches your young children that all things in a home have their place. Building a toy... More

How to lubricate the drive shaft of a lawn mower

If the pull cord on your push lawn mower is stuck and you can't pull it far enough to start the mower, the problem may be a lack of lubrication on the mower's drive shaft. If the drive shaft can't turn, it will keep the pull cord from being able to uncoil and extend fully. You can easily... More

How to make a Magic Chef MCD795SW microwave oven stop beeping

The Magic Chef MCD795SW is a decent microwave, but the beep that it makes every time you press a button (and when it's done cooking) is very loud and high-pitched. Fortunately, the microwave comes with an easy way to turn the beeping off, which is helpful for using the microwave when people... More

How to hang a shelf

Giving yourself storage. Hanging a bookshelf requires basic skills and is easy for anyone who can handle a drill. The method used to put up a shelf requires a little measuring and planning of execution, though is a moderately easy task for the new homeowner. Taking you through the steps, it is... More

How to arrange your books

Ways to arrange books that make sense Many of us are prolific readers and collect many books, but if you don’t develop a plan to organize them, you soon will have so many, you cannot locate the one you like. There are many very technical and time consuming ways to turn all those books into... More

How to decorate any room on a budget

Create Artistic Decor on the Cheap Does this sound like a familiar lament? No lavish budget to decorate your home, but nevertheless, huge spans of bare wall space that are crying out for embellishment. Instead of going into debt to create a decorating fund consider using clearance rack bargains... More

How to build a stone base for a Christian garden cross

Construct a stone base correctly before erecting Christian garden cross Be sure you have just the right garden spot picked out for your stone cross. Research other Helium articles to find the ones that illustrate the types of stones to select for your spot. Once you have selected that special... More

How to get rid of bed bugs

Ridding bed bugs is no easy task! So, fight with ruthless determination! Adult bed bugs are small. Baby bed bugs are even smaller. Unlike most bugs that crawl around in your presence, bedbugs hideout like vampires and strike during the night. Only, unlike vampires, that present 'nice' facades of... More

How to hang pictures

Hanging pictures When it comes to hanging pictures in your home consider not only whether the pictures should be grouped or given pride of place on a feature wall, but also the way in which they should be hung. You could hang them with a hidden wire alone, or with a cord and decorative tassels,... More