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How to make a fountain on a brick wall

Add a nice water feature to home and garden Up-lights in the actual water or on the textured brick wall adds a dramatic effect. Consider adding color lights for still further visual impact. [donate2] Things Needed • Wall mounted fountain kit • Masonry drill and bit • 3 to... More

How to arrange flowers

Tips on how to make one simple kind of flowers arrangement A very versatile skill to develop is to learn how to arrange flowers. Florist arrangements are wonderful to receive or purchase, but most of us like flowers often and the cost of having flowers delivered frequently may be prohibitive. You... More

How to buy a new carpet

New carpet is a long-term investment to improve the value of your home Carpet is a costly investment, but one that may add value to your home over time. When you buy new carpet, you want to choose carpeting that provides comfort and style, is reasonably priced and carries manufacturer warranties.... More

How to build steps for a deck

Helpful advice for building a set of steps for your deck   A deck on either the front or the back or the house (or both) provides you with a way of expanding your living space to the outside so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather. It is here that you can enjoy the... More

How to make old wicker furniture look new

Revitalize your old wicker furniture Wicker furniture, like other pieces of outdoor furniture, does show wear and tear after a number of years. Instead of retiring it to the shed or throwing it in the trash, it is possible to effect repairs quite easily. You don't have to be an expert carpenter... More

How to build good soil

Good soil provides a healthy home for your plants Good soil is the foundation of your garden. A healthy garden soil contains roughly equal parts of sand, silt and clay particles, resulting in a loamy soil rich in nutrients, oxygen and organic materials. Good soil allows excess water to drain... More

How to  build a dry stack wall

Dry stack wall surrounds the house Dry stack walls have been around for thousands of years. People used the stone they could find or quarry to build. With dry stack there is no mortar. The way the stones are placed and hearthing give them their longevity. A dry stack wall can be a beautiful and... More

How to replace the air filter on a Craftsman power propelled 22-inch rotary lawn mower

The air filter on a lawn mower keeps impurities in the air from making it into the engine, thus resulting in better performance and power. Over time the air filter can get worn and dirty. Replacing the air filter is an easy process, and can keep your mower running at peak... More

How to use Kilz for kitchen cabinet mold

Protect that baby Oops! Your disposal pipe loosens from your kitchen sink drain and sprays water without you knowing! You are not aware of anything wrong at all. You begin to smell something you think is like some moldy garbage. Did he forget to clean out the kitchen garbage can? Did the dog do... More

How to make a wood stove fire

Building a fire is done the opposite of the way you build anything else. You start small and add bigger and bigger pieces of wood. Dry small pieces of wood, called kindling are the start. Matches are the easiest way to create a spark. This is an essential step of fire starting. Last to be... More