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How to use Kilz for kitchen cabinet mold

Protect that baby Oops! Your disposal pipe loosens from your kitchen sink drain and sprays water without you knowing! You are not aware of anything wrong at all. You begin to smell something you think is like some moldy garbage. Did he forget to clean out the kitchen garbage can? Did the dog do... More

How to make a wood stove fire

Building a fire is done the opposite of the way you build anything else. You start small and add bigger and bigger pieces of wood. Dry small pieces of wood, called kindling are the start. Matches are the easiest way to create a spark. This is an essential step of fire starting. Last to be... More

How to plant a saucer of succulents

Growing succulents in containers Drought-tolerant, shallow-rooted beauties demand attention even in the simplest of containers. Known for their unique and dramatic forms and textures, succulents are among the most interesting and easiest container plants to grow. The container doesn't need to be... More

How to make a door curtain

Door curtain   A door curtain is a simple and effective project that can be completed in a few hours. Obscure an unwated view from a glass door panel by covering it with a sheer gathered curtain. The curtain is held in place by curtain rods or stretch PVC coated wire... More

How to recycle wood scraps

Use your old wood scraps to make a candle holder Whenever you complete a woodworking or home renovation project you are sure to have lots of old wood scraps lying around. Instead of burning them or putting them in the trash, you can fashion these into a very decorative candle holder. In fact, if... More

How to make plain light bulbs colorful and decorative

When it comes to d cor inside the home, lighting plays a very important role. Both low and high lighting are used to accent and beautify a room. The most common type of bulbs out on the market today are either white or clear bulbs which are available in different heights of illumination. You will... More

How to replace the spark plug on a push lawn mower

When a lawn mower won't start, one of the most common culprits is a bad spark plug. Most lawn mower manufacturers recommend replacing the spark plug every year or so. If your lawn mower won't start, replacing the spark plug is a good first troubleshooting step because spark plugs are... More

How to grow plumerias

A guide for growing exotic plumeria plants Legends and folklore surround plumerias, which have religious significance throughout the world. Buddhists and Moslems in India believe the plumeria (or pagoda) tree, is a sacred symbol of immortality. Also, Hindus offer plumeria flowers in votive... More

How To Find No VOC Paint

What Is No VOC Paint The term VOC’s is an abbreviation for volatile organic compound and traditional paint, satins and varnishes have this chemical in them. When a home is painted in an interior paint there is a distinct smell that is left by the paint and windows, doors and fans are... More

How to patch a hole in drywall

Tips for patching a hole in the wall   Accidents that put a hole in a wall in any room of the home occur all the time. The most common accidents are those where the knob of the door goes through the wall. They also occur when you push a sharp object too close to the wall,... More