How to celebrate Power of a Smile Day

How to celebrate Power of a Smile Day

Everybody loves a smile, be they a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the shy little boy in class wearing scuffed up sneakers. How fortuitous then, that we have a holiday that embraces the benefits and fun of smiling. On June 15, people everywhere are brushing their teeth more vigorously, warming up their "smile" muscles, and hopping out of bed with an added spring in their step. It’s Power of a Smile Day, and it’s time you got involved too!

"How do I celebrate this holiday, though? Do I just smile at people all day?" Well, sure you could. Smiling, in and of itself is great, but you could also take a more creative and proactive approach to it. Get your familiy, friends, and coworkers involved. Use this day as a jumping board for a charity event or just to have a party. The possibilities are limited only by you.

The Great Smile-Off

If you have children, you may want to consider holding a Smile-Off for them and their friends. This is an easy affair to put together, and once you get your creative juices flowing, you’re going to have a  blast hosting it. Each child step’s up to the plate, ready and eager to "wow" everyone with their cheesiest smile. Prizes for this event can be anything from cookies to smiley stickers. You may also want to have more than one category. Think about including a Goofiest Grin or a Smile Only a Mother Could Love category.

If you don’t have kids, but you think some of your wacky coworkers would enjoy something like this, I recommend upping the stakes a bit. Instead of issuing cookies to the big prize winner, consider letting them choose their own parking space for a month. Have a company newsletter or bulletin board? Post the pictures of the contestants on there, giving their very best smile.

Smiles for Charity

The Power of a Smile Day is a fantastic opportunity to get everyone involved in doing some good for their fellow man. This June 15th, think about getting some people, businesses, schools, etc together and host a charity fund raiser. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, and can be scaled back as much as you need.

Make some smiley images up and take them to a local printer/sign maker and have them mass produce some buttons for you and your crew of charity workers, featuring your smile picture. You can then sell these buttons to the general public, and all proceeds can go to your predetermined charity. If you charge a dollar a button, you can really make a difference This idea would also len itself for schools that need to do some fundraising for new books and equipment.

Hit the Road

Long commute to work? Is smiling frowned upon in your place of business, and you’re just aching to do something, anything for this holiday? Fear not. Take your smile on the road with you. For a few dollars you can buy car window-friendly paint and display your smile with pride, for all the angry motorists to see.  I recommend you paint your smiles on the rear side windows so as not to impede your line of sight. This will also allow you to fill in your smiley face, and not have it looking like a stick figure in bad need of a body. You are sure to catch some attention and spread more than a few smiles.

June 15 only comes once a year, but that doesn’t mean the smiling has to end. Make a conscious effort to spread some joy to those in need, and you’ll be surprised how many people pass it along as well.


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