How To: Choose the UV lamp for drying

SND-lamp-set-1.jpg Nail lamps are a compulsory attribute of every beauty salon and an operating tool for nail techs. These days UV lamps for curing are widespread among ladies who love quality manicure and do their nails at home.

There are different types of curing lamps. All of them have a similar operating principle, but they differ in wattage, weight, design, size, construction, spectrum, type of glass and service life. Also, the lamps can be electric and have an induction ignition.

The main mission of the UV (ultraviolet) lamp is to cure the gel on the nails during the build-up or modeling. The body of the basic lamp includes the bulbs inside and the control panel on the outside. In addition, the device can be equipped with a fan, a timer, various additional sliding panels and mirror. Using additional options might be nice but the main function of the device does not change.

The dimensions are an important factor when picking the right UV lamp. It is necessary to understand that lamps are subdivided for curing either one hand or two simultaneously. The latter allows you to save time, but obviously takes up more space. Smaller more affordable models are more suitable for personal use or for beginner manicurists.

The modern UV lamps’ designs allow you to pick a lamp that fits the salon interior or the technician’s office and is designed in style to match it.

Lamp Wattage

The device power is measured in watts, and usually has indicators — 9W, 18W, 36W, 54W. Each indicator is a divisible of the number 9. This indicates the number of fluorescent bulbs available in the device. The curing speeds with polymerization quality depend on the number of bulbs. Naturally, the device with more power will be more practical. Thus, you get to save your time as well as shorten the amount of time you have to spend keeping your hands in the lamp.

The practice has shown that nail technicians prefer to go for the middle ground when it comes to wattage and price choosing 36W lamps. The devices with a minimum amount of lamps are gradually becoming obsolete but they are still a great option for domestic use or for beauty salons with a small amount of customers.


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