How to clean a dryer vent

How to clean a dryer vent

It is important to keep a dryer vent clean and free of lint. This can be quite a task because lint builds up tremendously with each load of laundry you dry. You will be able to clean the dryer vent without much effort if you follow the guide below.

Guide to cleaning your dryer vent:


Before starting this project, be sure to unplug your dryer. You could get an electrical shock if you don’t. This is always the first step you should do before attempting to do anything with an electrical appliance.

Clean the Trap

Pull out the lint trap and clean it off. Simply wipe your hand across the lint and it will come off with no problem. You can further clean the trap by placing it in hot water and using a cloth to wipe it clean. Allow it to air dry while you work on the rest of the dryer.

Inside the Dryer

When the lint trap is pulled out, there will be an open space. That is where the lint that doesn’t get trapped goes. Take a cloth or duster and slide it into the hole. Move the rag around to get as much of the lint away as possible. If you feel that it needs a better cleaning, use a damp cloth to get more dirt out.


You can now vacuum the inside of the dryer and the vent itself. Remove the hose that is hooked to the back of the dryer. Use your vacuum cleaner hose to reach inside as far as possible. Vacuum thoroughly to remove all the lint, dust and dirt that has accumulated there. There may be quite a bit if you have never cleaned your dryer vent before. (Note: If there is a large amount of lint trapped inside the hose, use your vacuum in the reverse. Most vacuums allow you to blow as well as suck. Blow as much of the debris out as possible before vacuuming).


Hook the hose back onto the dryer and replace the lint trap. Plug the dryer back into the electrical outlet. Your dryer is now clean and ready to go to the next load of laundry.

Keeping your dryer vent clean prevents the dryer from overheating. It also keeps the lint from catching on fire. It pays to keep the dryer vent clean. Dryer fires are very dangerous. You never know when they may strike. It is best to take preventative measures in order to keep a fire from happening in your home. A fire from a dryer can burn your house down faster than anything you have ever seen before. It is safer for your home and for your family.


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