How to know for sure that you should move in together

How to know for sure that you should move in together

Moving in together will take your relationship onto a new level and is likely to bring about some drastic change. This can be both exciting and scary at the same time.

For a move like this to be successful you will both need to understand and respect each other’s needs, views and feelings. Should either of you have any doubt, think about postponing plans until you each feel the time is right to commit yourselves in this way.

How do you know for sure it is time to move in together? ~

The questions you might consider are:  how solid is your relationship? Why are you thinking about doing this? Is it because you’ve been together so long people are expecting it or you are both ready for this new commitment? (If so, wrong reason!)

Above all, do you both feel you will benefit and find greater happiness from moving in together and that this is the natural progression of a loving union? A decision like this should be based on what you both want for your relationship and your joint future.

What moving in together will NOT do is:

* Solve insecurity issues if one partner does not trust the other

* Guarantee that you will always stay together

* Bring back loving feelings that seem to have diminished over time

What moving in together WILL do is:

* Bring warmth, comfort, happiness, togetherness and a stronger sense of belonging at a time when you both feel ready to invite these into your life

* Save you the expenses of keeping two places on the go if you’re spending most of your time in one or the other’s homes already.  (Remember though cutting costs is not the best reason for two lovers to move in together without other considerations.)

* Enhance your powers of negotiation, sharing and harmonising

You’ve considered the practical reasons for moving in together but how do you know for sure the emotional reasons are the right ones?

Do you love sharing time together and when you are apart, do you look forward to telling each other about the little things that happened during the day? Is your partner the one you turn to with your problems and can you confide in each other knowing secrets will be kept? Are you great friends as well as lovers? If you can answer yes to these questions, there is every chance you’re both ready to take your relationship onto the next level.

Moving in together is a big decision and a one that could affect other people too. If either of you have children, further issues need to be considered. What do your families think about it? If they are supportive, all well and good! If they might object are you both prepared for the challenges that this will bring?

When making such a huge move, be honest with yourself and each other. If you both agree this is what you really want to do, start making the arrangements and look forward to a whole new chapter of your life to begin.


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