How to sell unwanted household items

How to sell unwanted household items

Closets, storage sheds, drawers, jewelry boxes, bookshelves and garages can be goldmines, if you just decide that you are willing to purge your life of unnecessary excess.

The first step is to separate the exceptionally unique or valuable items from the everyday items. Your special items may need to be sold on eBay or with an ad on Craigslist or in a newspaper for the best price.

Books and movies can be sold easily on by just entering the ISBN number. High end designer clothes, ties and bags can be sold on eBay or at a consignment store. You won’t get instant cash for items at a consignment store, but you will probably net at least 50% of the selling price.

A yard sale is a good way to clear out unwanted items quickly; but make sure that you are prepared for it. Nothing turns off potential customers more than an disorganized and messy sale. Below are some tips to help have a successful yard sale:

*Make sure that your items are displayed to their best potential and that you have enough tables.

*Make sure items are cleaned off, dusted, looking nice.

*Hang the clothing.

*If you have original boxes for some items, place the item on top of the box when displaying.

*If the item needs batteries, make sure that you have fresh batteries installed.

*If the item needs power to be tested, make sure that you have an extension cord handy.

*Have your items priced.

*Make sure you have plenty of newspaper for wrapping breakables, and grocery bags for hauling your stuff away.

*Make sure you have a lot of change.

*Decide beforehand if you’ll accept checks (not a great idea), and post a sign that states your policy.

*Don’t hover or follow people around at the sale. Nothing kills a sell more than hard-selling techniques; if they are interested they will buy it.

*Be truthful. The customers know where you live, so what is the point of telling them a television works if you know that it doesn’t?

*Open up early.

*Advertise well. Do you have a local paper? Post your sale free on Craigslist a few days before the sale and the morning of the sale.

*Do you have a local radio station that allows you to talk about your yard sale?

*Put up signs if your city allows it. If they don’t, you can park a car with a big sign and balloons in a good location to attract customers.

*If you don’t have enough stuff to make it look like a great sale, get some friends and family to bring their excess over.

*If you don’t have a good location for a yard sale, look at leasing a booth at a flea market, and just make a big weekend of selling off stuff!

*To make sure you get rid of most of it, slash everything to half off the last half of the last day. Post signs that state your intentions.

*Donate the leftovers to charity and ask for a tax receipt.

*Be ruthless as you gather your unnecessary items. Purge, purge, purge!

By following the above tips, you should be well on your way to purging your home of unwanted items and making some spare cash in the process.


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