How to water you container garden correctly

How to water you container garden correctly

Water is a basic necessity for plants. Because plants in containers do not grow deep roots, watering them depends on the gardener to prevent them from dry spells. On one hand, containers may not have proper drainage or the catch basin for the water may be full. The plant may be clogged with water and drowns or it may rot with molds. Having healthy container plants requires mindful watering. Attention from the gardener is important.


Check the location of your container. If it is under a shade, rain will not be able to reach it so it water supply depends on you. If the plant is in an open space, it may need frequent watering especially during rainy season. Observe how fast the soil dries up during the summer months.


Different plants need different amount of water. Most of the time, gardeners should really observe how their plants grow so they will know how frequently they should water the. Check the soil. Dig into the soil by poke it deep with your finger. If the soil is dry underneath, you may need to water.  When leaves lose sheen, it is a sign of thirst. Do not wait for this to happen to your plants. Another way to tell that it needs watering is to lift the pot. Soil is lighter when dry.  

Amount of water

Knowing how much water is needed is the trickiest part. Whether you use a hose or a hand sprinkler, the trick is to pour water slowly. Soil is a little loose in container and water drains easily so water wastage happens. When using a hose, configure the nozzle at the lighter flow. In this way, you give time for the soil to absorb the water and at the same time, you can save on your water consumption. Wet the roots thoroughly so the water reached the root balls. It is important to moisten the root balls for optimal plant health. Try to water over the plant again to ensure that it is properly drenched. Check drainage. The plant should not sit on water for a long time. Bacteria growth will increase and the plants may die. Remember to pull out weeds that grow in your container. These hog the water intended for your plants.

You can fully enjoy your container garden when your plants are healthy. Successful container gardening depends on the attention you give to your plants.


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