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How to play Rummoli

A guide for playing the popular card game rummoli, also know as tripoley or Michigan rummy Rummoli? What is that? This may be a game that not many people have heard of but that does not mean it isn't worth checking out. Rummoli is a great game that is easy to play and can be played by the young... More

How to evaluate your companys employee benefit plan

Benefit plans are an ongoing concern for many organizations. Not only are they expensive, but they are also complex and a major headache for any organization to manage. People are very concerned about their benefit plans, particularly health care coverage. This makes the relationship between the... More

How to interview professional athletes

Professional athletes are human beings like the rest of us - except they very often have enormous egos which need to be pandered to. When interviewing them, never let them know you are in awe of them or that you are quaking in your boots with nerves. The more arrogant ones will walk all over... More

How to improve your focus

Residing just below the consciousness of most people lies the fact that our lives are comprised largely of what we have chosen to focus upon. Relationship issues, habits, idiosyncrasies, work preferences as well as other facets of life's experience have been formed, at least in part, because... More

Tips for preparing management accounts

Management accounts are financial reports prepared for those responsible for running an organisation, or department. They are usually prepared on a weekly or monthly basis, and give key information such as the level of income and expenditure and performance against budgets and/or forecasts. This... More

How to litter box train a rabbit

One of the greatest benefits of owning a rabbit is that this amazing animal can be litter box trained much like a cat. Many individuals looking for a house pet are unaware at how intelligent these small creatures are and that they can make wonderful companions. Litter box training a rabbit takes... More

A guide to determining how much you should weigh

Before I lost 30 pounds over the past year, I used to say I would be perfect if I were six feet all. Being only 5'2", that should give you some idea that I was much too heavy for my height. However, it is not just height that determines how much you should weigh, but the size of your body... More

Choosing a web host for your business

Choosing the right web hosting is a vital factor for the sucess of your online business. Choose right, and you'll be able to focus on your core business goals and forget you even have a hosting. Choose the wrong one and you'll be facing excessive bills, loss of connectivity and thus sales, and... More

How to make a director’s chair cover

Re-covering a director's chair Canvas directorschairs are an inexpensive, versatile form of seating suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, over time the canvas can begin to look a little worse for wear and will need to be replaced. It is relatively a simple task to accomplish. All... More

Five ways to conquer cravings

Five ways to conquer cravings. Sometimes you feel so deprived, while dieting, that you become downright cranky and anyone that dares come near becomes the subject of your growling stomach. You are hungry after all, but you want to lose enough weight to look and feel better. Just how can you... More