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How to add a Google sitemap to your blog

This is for all those who want to increase the chances of their blog being shown in relevant Google Search results. Adding Google Sitemap to your blog (or any of your websites for that matter) is a good way to increase chances of getting more traffic. What it means is that, Google's search robot... More

How to control morning sickness

Morning sickness is one of the necessary evils of pregnancy, which a majority of women feel sometime during their nine months.  Various strategies can help to control it.  Because different measures work differently depending on the person, you may want to try several of the ideas... More

Getting started with professional wrestling

If you truly want to be a professional wrestler, then you can. It is that simple. That does not mean you will or will not make it to the WWE but you can become a professional wrestler!30 years ago, wrestling had strong territories. Whether it was the Mid Atlantic, Florida, or many other hot beds... More

How to know for sure that you should move in together

Moving in together will take your relationship onto a new level and is likely to bring about some drastic change. This can be both exciting and scary at the same time. For a move like this to be successful you will both need to understand and respect each other's needs, views and feelings. Should... More

How to live a drama free life

No Matter How Big Your Situation, Stand Your Ground:I've learned to live a fairly "drama free" life. It wasn't easy to do, but it's 100% possible! There are just a few things you have to accept:First: You have to accept that you can't fix everything! There are going to be situations in... More

How to recognize a repetitive

The term, "Repetitive Stress Injury" (RSI), is an umbrella term that is used to describe the many types of injuries that occur as a result of performing the same task (usually in the work situation, but not always) over and over again. Repetitive Stress Injury is also sometimes called,... More

How to find your way around London by the London Underground

Getting around London by tube Getting around a huge city like London can be a nightmare for visitors who have never experienced the city transport system before. While there are taxis, and one can drive through the chaos of London streets, the Tube system was designed to make travel from one area... More

How to play Rummoli

A guide for playing the popular card game rummoli, also know as tripoley or Michigan rummy Rummoli? What is that? This may be a game that not many people have heard of but that does not mean it isn't worth checking out. Rummoli is a great game that is easy to play and can be played by the young... More

How to evaluate your companys employee benefit plan

Benefit plans are an ongoing concern for many organizations. Not only are they expensive, but they are also complex and a major headache for any organization to manage. People are very concerned about their benefit plans, particularly health care coverage. This makes the relationship between the... More

How to interview professional athletes

Professional athletes are human beings like the rest of us - except they very often have enormous egos which need to be pandered to. When interviewing them, never let them know you are in awe of them or that you are quaking in your boots with nerves. The more arrogant ones will walk all over... More