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How to use a treadmill properly

Often people who are interested in running to stay fit just have to look out their window to convince themselves that a treadmill would be a welcome addition to maintaining fitness on a year round basis. Inclement weather can quickly evaporate the best intentions of that early morning run or... More

Osteoarthritis treatment

Many people, world wide, are affected by Osteoarthritis and have to suffer from it everyday. There are all kinds of products and medicines on the market for treating this condition but maybe you have tried them and they just aren't helping like you would them too. Osteoarthritis is a... More

How to fight your problems with alcohol

"Addictive Personalities and Societies Attitude" I was an alcoholic by the age of 16, but of course I was too young to realize it. It was not until the age of 22 that I realized I had a drink problem and sorted it out. I had spent so many years buried in myself that I did not see how it... More

How to string a badminton racket

To string a badminton racket properly and securely you will need to decide which string best fits. The lighter badminton rackets do best with thin strings. Heavy badminton rackets do best with thick strings. Thin low-tension string creates less of a trampoline response resulting in a much more... More

How involved should parents be in kids homework?

Whether the child is 5 years old or 15 years old parents need to facilitate the child's own successful completion of homework. It is a fine line between "being involved" in your child's homework - so stimulating them to independent learning and autonomy -  and doing it for them, or... More

How important is your choice of professor

Fun in PhysicsDr Riban is not a basketball star, a movie star or a political figure. He is an ordinary individual who has contributed greatly to my Academic experience and life. That individual is Dr David Riban, my physics instructor in junior college. He thought me more than just E = mc ^2, but... More

How to reuse coffee grinds in the garden

Tips for using coffee grinds and old coffee as fertilizer   Each time you want to make a fresh pot of coffee, the first thing you must do is dump the used coffee grinds from the basket. Most people simply take out the filter containing the grinds and toss the whole thing into... More

How to improve reading skills in kids

Reading is important, for it is a source of information. Sadly, even some adults cannot read well, and most often, the problem originates from childhood. Individuals who developed the skills of efficient reading can have a better chance of success than others. It is necessary for kids to improve... More

How to take control of your personal finances

Controlling your finances is quite simple but something that many people fail to have a talent for. It seems much easier to spend, get into debt and wonder where all the money is going. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are ways that you can take control of your finances and stay in... More

How to follow Gwen Shamblins Weigh Down diet

There are many testimonials which praise the Weigh Down diet as a means to free oneself of the idolatrous self worship of over eating. Greed and over indulgence in food can lead to extra weight and eating disorders, as well as a miserable reliance on constant dieting and exercise. Instead of... More