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How to overcome ones fear of the darkness

First of all knowing what you are afraid of any why you are afraid needs to be addressed. There many reasons that people become afraid of the dark and they usually start sometime in childhood. Fears come from experiences that life has given us and it is a self protection mode to helps us stay... More

How Waldorf educational methods help special needs children

The teachers I remember and revered the most are those who were able to take a subject I might not have been interested in and connect it to my own experiences and make it interesting. This is the principle behind Waldorf Education. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) had the philosophy that "man... More

How to help a friend suffering from a drug addiction

10 Ways To Help A Friend With A Drug Addiction1.Confront them about the issue. If your friend doesn't want their family to know about the addiction, but want to make the first attempt to stop it, be understanding. If they don't want help, DON'T force it upon them, let them come to you. You cannot... More

How to get credit for life experience

Let me share my experiences at the University of Minnesota in the 1970's. They used the quarter system then and I earned two quarters worth of courses (about 39 credits) without ever going to classes. Sound interesting? Let me tell you how it was done. Your university or school may not have these... More

How to choose a hobby

Hobbies can be great leisure time activities Many people have a hobby of some type. They find it important to engage in something in their leisure time that is different from their daily occupation. Hobbies take on many forms, from the traditional to the unusual. One person may find... More

How to keep your cool in a traffic jam

How to keep your cool in a traffic jam is all about learning how to manage your frustrations and even anger over being stuck in the traffic jam to ensure the safety of all in your vehicle and of other road users. Everyone has seen horrific incidents of drivers, clearly frustrated by being stuck... More

How to prepare your sprinkler system for winter

If you have a sprinkler system for your garden or lawn preparing it for cold winter months can be critical. Your home's internal plumbing has protection from freezing and bursting pipes but your sprinkler system does not. The smaller diameter pipes in a sprinkler system can not afford much... More

How to grow kale

Growing KaleKale is a most useful winter vegetable and belongs to the cabbage family. It is very hardy and is able to withstand the severest of winters, producing plenty of tops for use during January, February, March and early April. This plant will grow in the poorest of soils but responds... More

How to manage your depression

The world economic crisis as well as the fear of losing one's job are some reasons why many people suffer from depression. The symptoms, among others, are bad mood and distress, loss of energy, high fatigue, insomnia, difficulty in concentrating and the feeling of guilt. Although self assistance... More

How to care for a Jersey Wooly rabbit

A small breed of rabbits, Jersey Wooly is a sweet tempered rabbits. The small size of the jersey woolies make them ideal for all types and ages of rabbit lovers. Like all other pets, jersey woolies also need special care and maintenance. The average weight of this dwarf sized rabbit is 3 pounds.... More