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How to pass the Elementary Education PLACE test

Tips to help you pass the PLACE test for elementary teachers in Colorado PLACE is the acronym for Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators and in order to become a certified teacher in this state you must take and pass the appropriate exams. Colorado has its own set of exams for... More

How to improve your credit score

Five steps to a better credit rating. There is one little three-digit number that can influence many of your financial decisions and choices: your credit score. Your credit score is based upon your past financial decisions. It's also a number which potential creditors use to guess the financial... More

How to set pieces on a chess board

Setting up your chess board Fashions for board games come and go, but one that has stood the test of time is chess. Despite the popularity of electronic games, there has been a renewed interest in popular board games, including chess. It's a game that crosses all language and cultural barriers... More

How to pick lottery numbers

A winning combination Everyone chooses birthday dates, anniversaries, or the number of their home, but how accurate would these numbers be? Chances are millions of other people are born on just those dates, so even if you were to win something, the chances are you would share the prize with... More

How to make word cards to teach your baby to read

How to make reading flashcards for your child There are several benefits to teaching your baby to read. At this stage in your child’s life, their brain is "like a sponge" that is able to soak up vast amounts of information very quickly. Using homemade word cards is a great way to make... More

How to make outdoor and indoor corner shelves

Fill those unused corners Many gardeners have garden sheds that are short of storage space. Often corners are used to stand their long garden tools upright wasting valuable wall storage space for smaller gardening-related items like containers of fertilizer and nutrients. Here's some guides and... More

How to make a rain water butt

Water is a valuable resource. These days it can be in short supply in almost any country around the world. As we all make a conscious effort to protect the environment and such resources harvesting rain water seems a sensible option. In order to successfully harvest rainwater most people install... More

How to get a hotel room upgrade

Upgrade your hotel stay   Unless you are on an expense account, most travelers want to spend the least amount for their hotel room that is possible. That does not mean that you don't want an upgraded room. The trick is to get a room upgrade while still paying the same... More

How to play Slap

A guide for the fun and fast card game Slap Playing cards is a great way to spend time with family and friends, learn some new skills and build memories for everyone to share. Playing a game that is easy to learn and easier to play is great for those nights where you just want to have fun and... More

How To Love Your Body And Live Fully

To be able to live life fully, you have to love your body. Why are there people who don’t love their bodies? How can one learn to love his body in spite of its imperfections? The secret is acceptance. Here are effective tips to make you fall in love with your body.Acceptance refers to the... More