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How to delete temporary Internet files when using Windows XP

Getting started Every time you browse the Internet some information is stored on your computer. Much of this is in the form temporary Internet files. Although these can help to speed up your Internet browsing, assuming that you re-visit certain websites on a regular basis, they can also have a... More

How to  host a back to school party for elementary student

Get back to school and by happy about it Many see a back to school party as a goodbye to summer party. The goal should be to look ahead to the fun the students are going to have when they return to school. This guide is based on children getting ready to go back to 2nd grade. The same ideas can... More

How to help a teenager survive our changing new world

A vision for our youth There are so many skills one can learn to survive in any disaster or life changing situation. Use any spare time wisely. Now is not the time to sit idly by and do nothing. Your greatest asset may just be that teenage daughter or son who could help you to make major changes,... More

How to learn lines

Very few actors enjoy learning lines. Even fewer actors are actually good at it. Memorising lines may by one of an actor's least favourite tasks, but it's one of the most important. No matter how much time and energy you invest in creating a character if you're struggling for lines during a show... More

How to teach preschoolers food group activities

Nutritional activities Eating healthy foods is important for the growth of preschoolers. They also need to be introduced to a variety of foods during snack time or meal time. They may not think they like certain foods, but they might change their attitudes if you provide learning activities to go... More

How to avoid heartburn while pregnant

Tips to help you avoid the pain of heartburn when you are pregnant Heartburn is the most common complaint of pregnant women. It makes them feel miserable at a time when they want to be feeling good about themselves and the new addition to their family. It can strike at any time and often keeps... More

How to prepare your child for the first day of school

Back to school - Turning fear into excitement While many children will be excited about their first day of school, some parents may be dealing with a child who is fearful about leaving home in the morning, climbing on a bus and heading to a strange building to spend the day with a teacher they... More

How to make homemade organic lip balm

Homemade organic lip balm made simple. Increased awareness is being raised on just how many toxins bombard us all on a daily basis. While the majority of these toxins are found in our air and our homes via chemicals, the food we eat and the water we drink, even our everyday cosmetics are filled... More

How to remove the exhaust muffler on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Gain access to the engine of your scooter When working on a Vespa ET4 scooter it is sometimes necessary to remove the exhaust system muffler from the scooter. Removing the exhaust gives more room for tools and hands when performing an oil change. When replacing a broken center stand, removing... More

How to solve a csrss.exe problem

The basics of csrss.exe Csrss.exe is a windows system file that is needed to run most of the graphical instruction sets, GUI shutdown and creating or deleting threads and parts of the 16 bit virtual MS-DOS. It must be running constantly in the Windows Operating System. There are a couple ways to... More