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How to choose a curriculum for homeschool

There are so many curriculum to choose from, the task of finding one can seem impossible. You need to really sit down and make a list of what it is that you want to teach your child and how you want to teach your child. Home schooling is nothing to rush into, unless circumstances make it that... More

How to choose a good crib mattress

Tips for choosing the best mattress for your baby's crib Choosing a mattress for your baby's crib is one of the first important decisions you will have to make as a new parent. It can mean that the baby will be very comfortable and will sleep through the night very early. It can... More

How to make a portable paint spray booth

Use spray paint with no mess Paint with spray cans or airbrush in your new portable paint spray booth. Maybe you have a lamp or two, thrift store finds you have wanted to repaint, or a toy or birdhouse? Portable paint spray booth Previous Stop Play Next [donate2] Things... More

How to easily clean your car’s headlights

Many auto retailers sell complete cleaning kits that you can use to clean or de-fog your headlights. These kits generally work well, but you can often save money by using a simple cleaner and rag to clean the headlights, which is sufficient in many instances to get them looking clear as glass... More

How to test an egg for freshness

An egg has two membranes. The inner membrane encases the white and yolk, the outer membrane lines the shell. When an egg is laid, it cools and a small air sac forms between the two membranes at the large end of the egg. The egg shell is porous (it has thousands of pores) which allows an exchange... More

How to find the longest lasting nail polish

The benefits of professional nail products Professional manicures and pedicures tend to last much longer than at-home treatments due to the caliber of products used. By investing in some high quality professional nail products, you can achieve a salon quality nail treatment at a fraction of the... More

How to troubleshoot a NordicTrack MTN 740 stepper

[donate]Instructions Step 1 Adjust the 740’s Reed Switch Adjust the reed switch if the console display gives incorrect feedback after the pedals move 5 inches or more with each step. The reed switch is a small switch near the magnet. It is covered by the shield under the pedal bracket... More

How to shuck garlic the easy way

Garlic Garlic is a well known culinary and medicinal herb. It is grown and used all over the world. However, many people struggle with removing the covering from the galic cloves. The good news is that there is a very easy way of doing this. It doesn't even require a knife! Before getting... More

How to save $500 a month

Practice these tips to stretch your paycheck If saving money seems impossible and you consistently run through your entire paycheck each month, the tips provided in this article can show you how to potentially save as much as $500 a month. Sound unbelievable? Practice even half of these... More

How to make a fabric covered bulletin board

Say goodbye to the plain and drab Cork bulletin boards are quite handy for keeping track of all manner of things from to-do lists to reciepts as well as swatches, inspirational images, and favorite quotes. They can be dull and functional, or interesting and fashionable. All it takes is a little... More