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How to sprout beans

Sprouting Beans Bean sprouts are small edible seedlings that make beans into ‘living’ food rich in nutrient elements not found anywhere else. It is now common belief that living food is full of vibrant energy, more so than anything else you consume. Sprouting beans are high in dietary... More

How to check the engine oil level on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Regularly check the engine oil in your scooter for long engine life Checking the engine oil level in your Vespa ET4 scooter is one of the most important maintenance items for your scooter. Without engine oil, the scooter engine will seize and incur a major repair bill. Checking the oil on your... More

How to make a complete turkey dinner

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner Thanksgiving dinner all over the United States generally means that families will be gathering and sharing a big meal. In some families there are long standing traditions about what is served for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, some will be starting their own long... More

Business owners: How to keep your customers

One of the important part of any company is customers. Customers is what makes you profits over and over again. You want to keep your customers. Customers are what write your paycheck each month in way since they provide money to your company each month in exchange for items or services.... More

How to endorse a check

Check processing and security Without check endorsements a check does not have a documented processing trail or designated use. Check endorsements are recognized and required by U.S. statutory and state law. With an endorsed check, a payee or financial institution can protect themself against... More

How and where to find a fuel

Most laboratories are able to test any product depending upon a customer's request and fuel-testing labs are no exception. Commercial laboratories will have the equipment, methods, applications, Government authorisations or patents needed for testing and the specialist knowledge to do so. ... More

How to perform a home cleansing and blessing

There are so many welcome mats and indoor plaques that state "Bless This Home."  But instead of just placing the option out there, you can take an active part in asking God to bless your home and, ultimately, your friends and family who cross the threshold. The first step,... More

How to use meditation to treat insomnia

One of the most common treatments for insomnia is medication. Sleeping pills and sleep aids are one of the most over-prescribed medications by doctors. Sleep medications are an effective treatment for people who suffer from insomnia but they also have side effects and they can be highly... More

How to refinish a bathtub with paint

An ugly bathtub can ruin the look of your bathroom, but covering or replacing a bathtub can cost thousands of dollars when you consider the cost of installation. If you are willing to do some work over the weekend, you can remodel your bathtub with nothing more than paint. Just pick up a bathtub... More

How to celebrate Power of a Smile Day

Everybody loves a smile, be they a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the shy little boy in class wearing scuffed up sneakers. How fortuitous then, that we have a holiday that embraces the benefits and fun of smiling. On June 15, people everywhere are brushing their teeth more vigorously, warming... More