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How to refinish a bathtub with paint

An ugly bathtub can ruin the look of your bathroom, but covering or replacing a bathtub can cost thousands of dollars when you consider the cost of installation. If you are willing to do some work over the weekend, you can remodel your bathtub with nothing more than paint. Just pick up a bathtub... More

How to celebrate Power of a Smile Day

Everybody loves a smile, be they a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the shy little boy in class wearing scuffed up sneakers. How fortuitous then, that we have a holiday that embraces the benefits and fun of smiling. On June 15, people everywhere are brushing their teeth more vigorously, warming... More

How to get a guitar for a beginner

How to "pick" a guitar for a beginnerSelecting the right guitar for a budding Van Halen goes far beyond the color and style of the instrument.Above everything else, a beginner's guitar needs to have one absolute necessity - good intonation. If a guitar's intonation is off, it is... More

How to generate income from a website

There are many people that make money online.  The number has increased dramatically.  This is all because of the Internet.  The Internet is a breeding ground for money especially if you know how to generate it.  There are many methods to earn money online.  Some of them... More

How to create a Carrie Underwood inspired bridal look

Carrie Underwood captured the look of a princess, and complete attention of the wedding guests, as she walked down the aisle with her fiance, Mike Fischer, a Canadian hockey player, on July 10, 2010. Underwood's gown, a Monique Lhuillier creation, was a stunning, sparkling, custom made dress,... More

How to play the bagpipes

Learning to play the bagpipes can lead to admiration, or being ribbed by your pals. Regardless of how they feel, you should focus more on playing the bagpipes properly. There are a number of ways in which you can learn to play the bagpipes. Here are a few of them To get started learning bagpipes... More

How to buy music for a child with eclectic musical tastes

Buying Music for a Child with Eclectic Music TastesAccess to diverse music is a great thing for a child with a musical ear and a hunger for more knowledge, and with the internet and iTunes at your disposal, granting access to new music is easy for parents. Previous to the internet, I was lucky... More

Tips for staying healthy during the cold and flu season

Now that the winter months are almost upon us we once again face the risk of catching the common cold, or even worse which ever dreaded flu the authorities have decided is going to be the one to attack us this winter!  It has to be kept in mind that ever since we can remember, there has... More

How to show customers you care

It's often the little things that will let customers know that you and your business care. A little customer appreciation goes a long way to keep people as a long-term customer and ultimately a driving force behind your business's success. How do you show customers that you care? The following... More

Entrepreneur tips: How to increase your influence online

Entrepreneurs understand that the internet represents a big wide world of potential customers, but a lot of business people are not sure how to increase their online influence successfully. It is not enough to have a website. Your business needs to have a full online presence and this presence... More