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How to buy music for a child with eclectic musical tastes

Buying Music for a Child with Eclectic Music TastesAccess to diverse music is a great thing for a child with a musical ear and a hunger for more knowledge, and with the internet and iTunes at your disposal, granting access to new music is easy for parents. Previous to the internet, I was lucky... More

Tips for staying healthy during the cold and flu season

Now that the winter months are almost upon us we once again face the risk of catching the common cold, or even worse which ever dreaded flu the authorities have decided is going to be the one to attack us this winter!  It has to be kept in mind that ever since we can remember, there has... More

How to show customers you care

It's often the little things that will let customers know that you and your business care. A little customer appreciation goes a long way to keep people as a long-term customer and ultimately a driving force behind your business's success. How do you show customers that you care? The following... More

Entrepreneur tips: How to increase your influence online

Entrepreneurs understand that the internet represents a big wide world of potential customers, but a lot of business people are not sure how to increase their online influence successfully. It is not enough to have a website. Your business needs to have a full online presence and this presence... More

How to care for a pony

Four simple steps to keeping ponies healthy and happy Ponies require a lot of care and attention. Caring for a pony is no different to looking after a horse, they still have the same needs and wants. As with any animal, it is important that they are cared for in order to keep them... More

How to alleviate skin rashes

HOW TO ALLEVIATE SKIN RASHES I have suffered for years from a skin rash I'm going to call " overhang skin rash", since I know of no other medical term that completely describes it. It happens in women who have overhanging stomachs and under the breasts where it's warm and damp.. It's... More

How to play partner dodgeball

A great variation of classic dodgeball Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge, the 5 D's of dodgeball. When most people think of dodgeball they think of two teams, on opposite sides of a gym, throwing balls at each other and trying to dodge any balls coming their way. While this is a popular way to... More

Best ways to remove stains from garments

You pull your favorite shirt from the closet and notice a blue ink stain where the pocket protector used to be!  What do you? Getting stains out of your favorite garment is easy if you know exactly what to do and act quickly. The longer a stain goes untreated, the more difficult it... More

How to clean a dryer vent

It is important to keep a dryer vent clean and free of lint. This can be quite a task because lint builds up tremendously with each load of laundry you dry. You will be able to clean the dryer vent without much effort if you follow the guide below. Guide to cleaning your dryer vent: Unplug Before... More

How to grow squashes in your garden

1. Soil Preparation: A sunny spot protected from strong winds is very important. The soil should be well drained and rich in humus for the best results. Fertilise the spot 1 week before sowing. 2. Sowing & Planting: Squash are best sown directly into the plot after the last frost. Dig a... More