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Guide to beginner triathlon training

Triathlons consist of three different sports: swimming, biking and running.  Combining these three sports is no small feat.  Starting a training program to do your first triathlon will take dedication and time commitment.  There are several distances for a triathlon, a sprint,... More

How reading can help you sleep

Reading is one of the most popular activities and hobbies to undertaker during the evening. When you have had a long day at work and are looking for an effective means of winding down, reading can often prove to be that stimulating process that gets your brain ready for relaxation and the... More

How to get a credit card when you have bad credit

Getting a credit card can be difficult if you've had some trouble paying bills in the past and harmed your credit. But now, there are credit card companies that are willing to take a chance on you and extend you a line of credit.  Plus, the more you prove your trustworthy to that one credit... More

Cleaning the refrigerator and keeping it clean, inside and out

Cleaning the fridge can be an unpleasant job, not only is it normally very time consuming, but it can also be very difficult because you will more than likely be met by some foul odour caused by food that has long since been forgotten about. But cleaning the fridge does not... More

How to know when to wear makeup for men

In the world of the mainstream media and the Hollywood created fantasy, men have always worn makeup. However, in the real world, it is often seen as a rarity. The world is currently in the process of becoming much more accepting to the idea of men wearing makeup however and for this reason; it is... More

How to protect your home while away on vacation

You're finally going on a well-deserved vacation! As you gather up last week's newspapers, you notice that someone came back from vacation to find their house emptied of everything including the houseplants. How do you keep from being next week's front page story? With a little backup. Even the... More

How baseball managers should plan for the World Series

Small market teams can't compete. It's the Yankees and a few other teams vying for the world championship, while teams like the Royals and Athletics play 162 glorified minor league games a year, then lose their best players to the richest teams. This sentiment could not be farther from the... More

How playing with dolls can bring mothers and daughters closer together

As a child I was given hundreds of Barbie outfits each year. My aunt was a designer for the company. She was one of five woman that spent forty hours each week making new Barbie wardrobe designs. She was also the mother of five boys. My Barbie spent most of her years in the same outfit, fighting... More

How to raise a child with attention deficit disorder

Raising a child with ADD, otherwise known as attention deficit disorder, can be difficult for parents who don't understand their child's condition and how it affects him. Helping a child learn and grow positively requires caregivers to have knowledge about ADD, and to implement plans to... More

How to set the time and date on a computer

Being able to glance down and quickly see what the time or date is can help you keep your day on track. Most people find that when they are working on a computer, or especially when they are playing on a computer, they tend to lose track of time very quickly. Unfortunately, from time to time,... More