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How to deal with opportunists at work

We call them parasites at work. They are the people who take advantage to your kindness and think that you will not react to what they are doing. An opportunist is a person who likes asking you for something. It starts with small things like staple wires, bond paper, paste then it becomes... More

How to improve your willpower to accomplish your goals

Will power is defined by as "self control". It is a person's ability to mentally force himself into doing or not doing a specific activity. Whether it's making yourself do chores "now" and not "later", forcing yourself to not eat that fattening... More

How to call London for free!!!

Free calls to London There are several ways that you can call London for free. One obvious way is to reverse the charges, while this won't cost you anything it will cost the person receiving your call. The cheapest way to call free to London is to use computer to computer... More

Brew your own medicinal teas

Drinking your own brewed medicinal teas is one of the simplest and most ancient ways of using natural herbal remedies. Medicinal tea infusions are prepared by steeping fresh and dried flowers or the leaves of herbs in hot water. These herbal teas are drunk without milk, although a little honey... More

How safe is in vitro fertilization (IVF)?

We still have a lot to learn about assisted reproduction in general and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in particular. We don't fully understand all the risks that may be associated with various procedures, though an ever-mounting body of data is being accumulated all the time, helping doctors and... More

How to wean a toddler off the pacifier

TIps for getting your toddler to give up the pacifier Some parents simply refuse to give their baby a pacifier because it is so hard to wean a toddler off a pacifier. In some cases, toddlers throw the pacifier down on their own, but in the majority of cases, parents are sorry they ever used one... More

The ideal healthy diet

The phrase “healthy diet” in the tittle suggest at least a minimum of diseases if we believe health is influenced by food. And we have to believe it is true since if we don't eat at all we die. If we eat just cakes all day long and water we will eventually get sick. However it all... More

How to market in online networks

BEWARE OF THE HIDDEN RULES! As many of us enthusiastic marketers will know, there is such a thing as online etiquette. How did we find out about it? Probably the hard way, by stepping on other people's toes! So how do we make the most of our opportunities without wasting our time and offending... More

How to clean a guinea pig hutch

Keeping your guinea-pigs hutch clean and dry is an important part of ownership.  A clean living and bedding area will help to keep your guinea-pig healthy.  Cleaning out should be done at least once a week, although it may be necessary to do it more regularly during wetter and colder... More

How to help a distressed college student

Too often students' problems are reduced to petty descriptions and their struggles are belittled by their parents or peers. However small or insignificant college students' issues may seem to you, the distressed college student must be handled with care.Let's first think about the basic day for a... More