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How to recognize and help someone with an online gambling problem

Addiction comes in many forms, and one of the newest forms is an addiction to online gambling, a variation of the "problem gambler" we're all so familiar with. It starts off simple; a person finds a website where they can play the lottery, or bingo, or poker, even slot machines. They start off... More

How to make easy lined curtains

Making simple lined curtains Sewing lining directly into a curtain gives a professional finish and adds body to the fabric so the curtain hangs well. Making lined curtains couldn't be easier, you simply machine stitch together the curtain fabric and the lining down the side hems and sew your... More

Easy warm

Warming up before exercising is very crucial. Not only will it get you off to the right start, it will also help to prevent torn muscles, strained ligaments and that horrible after workout soreness'. Properly warming up will also help to burn more calories by getting your body in the burning... More

Activities that improve listening skills

How To Improve Listening Skills Good listening skills are vital to the success of a young child, which will then lead to good listening skills as an adult. We have two ears and only one mouth for the simple fact that listening is often twice as important as speaking. With simple activities to... More

How to choose the right height of heel for your outfit

Getting it right Choosing the right heels to go with an outfit is difficult sometimes. There are so many different types of heels out there and deciding really is difficult. What matters is the overall look created. By following the guide below, you can make decisions which help the overall look... More

How to outsmart online scammers

Throughout the years I have participated in and/or reviewed hundreds of work at home opportunities. While there are a few legitimate programs out there, the vast majority are at best a waste of your time and money and at worst a scam. Here are some sure fire signs that an opportunity is indeed... More

What are the warning signs of a stroke?

World stroke day falls on the 29th of October. This year (2009) the theme is "What can I do?''. As the world stroke organization says, everyone can do something: learn to recognize symptoms and take action, learn to recognize the risk factors and take action. First of all we need to know... More

How to keep your customer base thriving

All home based business owners understand that customers are the lifeblood of every business.  Without customers, a business would cease to exist because no money or referrals would be coming in.  Home based business owners need to treat their customers with the utmost respect in order... More

How to pick a great hosting company for your website

Ok, here is some insight for anyone looking to host their web site!Before you select a host for your new domain name you must really look hard at the company and the sites they host or you may find yourself wasting time trying to get your site to rank in google!Based on google's patent they look... More

How to treat and avoid summer allergies

The sun is shining, the summer breeze is just the right temperature to warm your soul after hibernating through the cold winter months. The outdoors is calling you to come out and participate in all that it has to behold. All you want to do is lock yourself inside your home with the windows and... More