How to donate used baby clothes

Tips on donating used baby clothes

Babies grow so fast that parents often find themselves overrun with outgrown baby clothes and shoes, and with absolutely no where to put them.

Therefore, donating them to charitable organizations or to others in need is always the best solution.

If this is your first time making such a donation, here are several tips to make donating used baby clothes a breeze.


Step 1

Determine what clothes your baby has outgrown, sort though them and assess their condition.

Look for tears, stains, and other signs of wear and tear. Place baby clothes that are gently used in one pile, and baby clothes that are not suitable for donation in another pile.

Keep safety in mind as well when determining what will be donated.

A simple visit to the Website, provides parents and consumers with an updated listing of all recall items — including clothing.

Step 2

Wash, dry, and press the baby clothes you will be donating. If pressing used baby clothes set aside for donation does not appeal to your sensibilities, at least wash and dry them.

Step 3

Fold them and pack them neatly away in a box or a suitably sized bag and label them for donation.

Step 4

Decide how the used baby clothes will be donated.

Will you donate them to a nonprofit charitable organization such as Goodwill, a consignment shop such as The Salvation Army or Blessingdales Thrift Shop, or to a family that could benefit from gently used baby clothing?

Step 5

If you are donating to a charitable organization or a consignment shop, use the Internet, your local telephone book, or word of mouth to find a local donation site in your home.

Contact the facility before taking an unnecessary trip. Some non-profit organizations will pick items up from your home, or give you a drop off site that may be more convenient for you.

Step 6

Another great way to donate used babies clothes is by joining or creating your own kids clothing swap.

A clothing swap entails a small or large group of parents bringing their children’s gently used, outgrown clothes to a designated area, laying out, hanging up, and displaying what they have brought, and all the parents picking and choosing what they can use.

No money is involved, it is simply a swapping of clothes and good socializing. The Website, provides parents who live in and around California with scheduled swap events.

Things Needed
• Empty Bags or Boxes
• Telephone Book
• Access to the Internet
• Permanent Marker
• Packing Tape

Tips & Warnings
• Used baby clothes that are not donatable, can be used as dusting or cleaning cloths, turn into patchwork quilts, or used for waxing furniture and polishing shoes.
• Always ensure that anything donated is not on a recall list.
• Always ask the non-profit organization or thrift shop for a receipt. A receipt is vital when filing your taxes at the end of the year.


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