How to give a safe Halloween party for children

How to give a safe Halloween party for children

This time every year we begin to enjoy the bright fall colors and watch as the pumpkins begin to grow in the fields and fill our outdoor markets. It’s that time of year again when we think of Halloween, and how much we enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of our costumed children as they celebrate this fun filled holiday. Consider having a Halloween party this year. Use your creativity and get all the children involved to make this a memorable holiday; one that will be remembered for years to come.


Step 1

Safety first

Help your child decide on a costume for this year. When purchasing a costume be sure that the fabric is flame retardant, or consider creating your own from clothes in your closet.

Masks and head gear should be fitted properly to be sure that children’s vision is not obstructed in any way.

If you are having a neighborhood parade on the way to your party, have every child carry a flashlight at dusk.

Stay in your neighborhood and accompany small children to the door if they are trick or treating along the way.

Instruct children in advance that you will assist them in screening their treats.

Step 2

Halloween parade on the way to your party

Halloween is about showing off your costume to your neighborhood, family and friends.

Choose a time when parents or siblings would be available for the parade. Choose a meeting place like a culdesac where everyone can meet in costume. Then parade single file around the neighborhood with at least one adult who can be at the beginning or the end of the parade.

End the parade by marching over to your home for a fun party.

Step 3

Halloween party

Halloween can include a light supper before all the games and fun.

After checking with parents regarding food allergies or restrictions, choose a simple meal of macaroni and cheese, carrot sticks,milk, juice or water.

Arrange baked cupcakes and orange icing and candy decorations in the center of a table so that each child can decorate their own.

Step 4

Fun and games

Consider games that have a sense of being «spooky» .

Take into account the ages of the children when selecting appropriate games.

Gather empty containers and fill each with different food products to similate body parts.

Have children observe each other in turn and enjoy the fun of them each feeling inside a closed and covered box and guessing what it is. Label boxes as eyeballs for grapes, spaghetti for worms etc.

Use the link below to see more ideas for parties and creative Halloween projects that children can make with adult supervison.

Dunking for apples is one of the games that are fun to play. Use a large deep, wide barrel or pot. Put coins into an area of each washed apple, one apple per child. Then float them in deep clean cold water. Children should be advised of coin in each apple when dunking. Under adult supervision, clean paper towels can be used for each dunker to dry their face.

* If a child has a cold or runny nose, they should be the last one to dunk for their apple.

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Things Needed
• Colorful orange and black crepe paper and balloons.
• Cupcakes, decorative Halloween candy, orange icing
• Grapes to feel like «eyeballs»
• Cooked spaghetti to feel like «worms»
• An old white sheet on a broom handle can with magic marker eyes become a ghost.
• Musical CD’s can have Halloween jingle sing alongs or spooky ghost sounds

Tips & Warnings
• Always think of safety first.
• Children should always be with an adult when answering door for Halloween trick or treats.
• If a Halloween parade is part of your party plans. Be sure that each child carries a flashlight.
• Consider including adults to assist during party time.


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