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How to get free coupons by mail

Quick and easy ways to get coupons In an attempt to get and keep shoppers in their stores, companies are finding incentives to get the customers spending. In addition to savvy advertisements, coupons have become one of the best marketing tools used to entice consumers. While most people rely on... More

How to earn extra money online

Simple ways to make money online The Internet has opened the door to a whole new way to make extra money. Many people are already cashing in on this great opportunity, while others are trying to get their foot in the door. You can start earning a good amount of extra money by following these easy... More

How to find unclaimed property in California

Don't be fooled There has been an entire industry created around helping people locate unclaimed assets. All too frequently, companies send blind emails or hard copy mail to people telling them that there may be assets held by a state government that rightfully belong to them. In some cases,... More

How to save on back-to-school-supplies

Save on back-to-school supplies When the time of year arrives to purchase school supplies for your children it can make a wallet shrink. Now you don't have to fear heading to the store to shop. If you do a few simple steps you can save money. Both you and your wallet will be... More

How to avoid finance charges on credit cards

Ways you can avoid paying the high financing fees charged by credit card companies Credit cards are a necessary evil in today's economy. It is hard to get along without at least one card, especially if you want to make purchases online. You cannot make a hotel reservation online or over the... More

How to endorse a check

Check processing and security Without check endorsements a check does not have a documented processing trail or designated use. Check endorsements are recognized and required by U.S. statutory and state law. With an endorsed check, a payee or financial institution can protect themself against... More

How to find money

Need money fast? Here are several ways to find it. "Money doesn't grow on trees" goes the old adage. With this struggling economy, oh how we wish it to be so. There are some ways however, to find and get access to money you may have never thought of before. If you are in need of a little cash,... More

How to claim your Social Security benefits early

To claim or not to claim The reality is that there are not many ways that you can claim your Social Security benefits early. The earliest you can collect your regular Social Security benefits is at age 62. This will result in a greatly reduced benefit. It is a very serious decision that has to be... More

How to call London for free!!!

Free calls to London There are several ways that you can call London for free. One obvious way is to reverse the charges, while this won't cost you anything it will cost the person receiving your call. The cheapest way to call free to London is to use computer to computer... More

How to earn extra cash

Simples ideas for when you need cash Today’s economy has everyone looking for ways to earn additional income. Whether you are just in a jam, looking for an on-going side job, or are a stay at home mother or wife looking to contribute to the family funds, following these simple steps can get... More