How to call London for free!!!

Free calls to London

There are several ways that you can call London for free. One obvious way is to reverse the charges, while this won’t cost you anything it will cost the person receiving your call.

The cheapest way to call free to London is to use computer to computer calling with a medium such as Skype. This also works with almost any device that can connect with the Internet. There are many ways to save on your calls to London and even get them for free, you just have to know where to look.


Step 1

Free calls to London

When it comes to calling London, the price of calls can be quite high. If you have an American phone number, it will be necessary to do something additional to get your calls for free beyond just dialing the number. Here are a few hints that will help.

Step 2

Reverse the charges

One way to call using a phone and doing it for free is to reverse the charges. To do this you need to have assistance from an operator. The operator will ask for your name. The operator needs to talk to the party whom you are trying to call and get their okay to accept the charges. Once they have agreed to accept the charges, the operator will let the call go through. There will be no charge to you.

Step 3

International plans

There are plans that you can purchase for your phone for a monthly fee and then all the calls to London would be free. While this is not totally free, the amount of payment for the program with companies like Cordia is only $19.95 a month. This is less than what most plans charge for local phone coverage. The service is a land-line service, there are additional charges to use a cell phone.

Step 4


Skype is a great way to talk computer to computer for free. You just need to sign up for Skype and have everyone in any country you want to talk to, sign up for Skype as well. You can then call them on their computer and talk and if you have a videocam you can talk face to face. You can use Skype to call a land-line or a cell phone as well but there will be a small charge per minute. Skype also has applications that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad. There are additional applications that can work on a Blackberry or any other phone that connects with the Internet, you just have to be at a hot-spot.

Step 5

Earn free call credits

There are websites that will let you earn free phone minutes for signing up to their service and then referring friends. They will also give you minutes for clicking on the websites of their advertisers. This will require some work on your part but no outlay of money. One site is

Things Needed
• A phone
• A computer
• An international calling plan

Tips & Warnings
• No matter how you try to call London be sure to read the fine print on any plan
• The better the speakers on your computer the better your Skype sound will be


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