How to earn extra cash

Simples ideas for when you need cash

Today’s economy has everyone looking for ways to earn additional income. Whether you are just in a jam, looking for an on-going side job, or are a stay at home mother or wife looking to contribute to the family funds, following these simple steps can get you on your way to earning extra cash quickly.


Step 1

Donate plasma

Many places that take donations of plasma compensate you for your donation and time by paying you in cash. Also, by donating plasma you could potentially help save a life. Plasma is used to treat a blood condition called hemophilia, which causes people to bleed extensively even from minor cuts.

Step 2

Be a tutor

It’s not just high school and college students that struggle with school work. It’s not uncommon to hear the parent of a much younger student talk about their child’s struggle with any given subject. Parents are willing to pay a tutor to help their child, regardless of their age, because a parent wants their child to succeed. You can cash in on this, all while helping children, by offering them knowledge you already possess.

Step 3


This is a market you can definitely earn some money with, and if you are going to be sitting home on Friday night, why not get paid to do it? Parents of young children and babies hardly ever have the chance to get out kid-free, and will gladly pay a mature, responsible person to watch their kids.

Step 4


When you think of pet-sitting, you may automatically think of dogs and cats. But there is a market of other animals as well. People often have guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, turtles, and even rats as pets. Pets of this nature require much less than dogs or cats. If you aren’t sure you can stomach the exotics, but don’t want a large dog in your home, you can always apply a weight limit.

Step 5

Garage sale

If you need cash fast, selling those unwanted/unused items that are laying around your home is a good way to get it. You also get a less cluttered house. It’s a win/win!

Step 6

Lawn services

During the summer, you can earn additional cash by offering to cut the grass of your neighborhood elderly, single moms, or local apartment complexes. All you need to do this, is already sitting in your garage.

Step 7


If you can make cookies that melt in your mouth, offer services to those who can’t bake. Parents with young children often pay as much as thirty dollars at the local store for a cake. You can undercut this price, and still make good money. Offer cookies for local businesses that conduct meetings, hold office parties, or have employees with upcoming birthdays.

Step 8


Unlike the days of old where every young lady and woman was required to know how to sew, very few know now. If you are one of the ones that know the art of sewing you can cash in on this knowledge. Offer a clothing repair service. Fix holes in knees, torn shirts, and broken zippers.

Things Needed
• Creativity
• Possibly- oven, lawn mower, sewing needle

Tips & Warnings
• Anything is possible with time and some ambition.


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