How to find money

How to find money

Need money fast? Here are several ways to find it.

«Money doesn’t grow on trees» goes the old adage. With this struggling economy, oh how we wish it to be so.

There are some ways however, to find and get access to money you may have never thought of before.

If you are in need of a little cash, here are some ways to increase your cash flow.


Step 1

Look through those bills

Believe it or not, a simple detailed overview of your monthly bills may reveal a hidden cash flow that you never knew existed.

The next time you open up a cell phone bill, water bill, light bill, cable and Internet provider bill, take the time to see where you can cut back and what you can do without.

Simple things as bundling your cable, Internet, and cell phone bill will save you a bundle — no pun intended.

Providers such as AT&T and Verizon offer such services for a fraction of the price consumers are paying for these commodities separately.

Step 2

Rebates, rebates, rebates

They may be a hassle to fill out and send in, but they can quickly add up to a nice chunk of change.

Therefore, don’t give up too quickly on fulfilling those rebate qualifications — it’s a great way of finding and getting free money through the mail.

Step 3

Online survey sites

Legitimate on-line survey sites that include Lightspeed, Survey, and American Consumer, will pay panelist money for their opinions.

Simply sign up and start taking surveys. You may not get rich, but it is a quick way to make a few extra bucks.

Step 4

Unclaimed money

Websites such as,, and FDIC provide the curious with a free way to search for any unclaimed money as well as unclaimed property owed to them.

Simply visit the site, click on the state you live in, put in your name, and see if you have any money owed to you.

While there are numerous sites that claim to offer this same service, these sites are among the more reputable.

Step 5

Keep your nose to the ground

Believe it or not, there are millions of discarded coins left on the street and sidewalks of cities and towns, and once they have been collected over a period of time they really add up.

For instance, one Canadian high school student recently sent $600 worth of discarded change to a student in Guatemala, enabling the recipient to finish high school!

While some of the money was raised by donations achieved through recyclable goods, the other portion was a results of discarded and thrown away coins.

Things Needed
• Bill statements
• Computer and Internet access
• A keen eye
• Patience

Tips & Warnings
• Before making the decision to bundle your cable, Internet, and phone bill, read the fine print first. Ensure that the savings you will be getting is worthwhile, and be ready to sign a contract since one is usually required.
• In order to compare what features you are truly paying for with the ones you really need, ask your cell phone and Internet provider for an itemized bill.
• In the event you do sign up for an online survey site, information such as your date of birth will be required. This is only to ensure that the partnering companies have an accurate idea of whom and what age groups are using their services. These sites should never request your social security number.
• The Website Missing does not include all states as of yet, therefore it may be better to start with (not .com) first.
• Never pay a fee to find unclaimed money. The sites mentioned in this how-to offer this service for free.
• If the owner of lost or misplaced money (no matter how large or small) is known, it is the right and proper thing to return it.


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