How to find moving boxes for free

Getting ready to move? Here’s a great way to cut cost.

The whole process of moving can get expensive — and fast!

In addition to coming up with closing costs, down payments, or first and last month fees for rentals, the cost of moving expenses can easily put a person in a financial bind.

It is no wonder then, that many look for ways to effectively cut the cost of their moving expenses.

Whether that includes borrowing a friends truck instead of renting a moving van, or enlisting the help of friends and family instead of renting hired movers, finding ways to save money on moving cost is all about using your head.

In addition to free moving transport and free hands to make the load light, another great way to cut the cost of moving expenses, is by using moving boxes obtained for free instead of paying an arm and a leg for those you have to purchase.

If you are preparing for or are in the process of moving, here is how to find free moving boxes — saving you time, cost, and the environment.


Step 1

Go store to store

The best place to find a large supply of free moving boxes is to visit large or small retail chain stores.

Simply ask the employer or the employees if they have any empty boxes they would like to give you, and take your pick.

Since you will be relieving them from the tedious process of breaking boxes down and taking them to the appropriate dumping or recycling center, they will gladly give you want they have.

Step 2

Go dumpster diving

Dumpster diving does not necessarily entail actually going through a dumpster.

You can easily find abandoned empty boxes stacked in front or beside large dumpsters, or at the curves of peoples homes.

Since these are left out to be discarded, whatever empty boxes you find are ripe for the picking.

Step 3

Ask neighbors and friends

Another great way to find free moving boxes is to ask friends, family, neighbors, or acquaintances for moving boxes as well.

If your family members, friends or acquaintances work at a retail store, packing and shipping company, or office supply store, you just may have a goldmine of free moving boxes at your fingertip.

Things Needed
✯ Time
✯ Transportation
✯ Gloves (to pick up boxes near dumpsters)
✯ Pincher Pole

Tips & Warnings
✯ In the event you choose to go dumpster diving, choose clean and unsoiled boxes only, and never get in the dumpster (use a pincher pole to retrieve any empty boxes).
✯ If the retail stores or outlet malls do not have any empty boxes at the time of asking, you can request that they save them for you to be picked up on a later occassion. When and if you take this route, be sure to keep your word and pick them up.


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