How to get free coupons by mail

How to get free coupons by mail

Quick and easy ways to get coupons

In an attempt to get and keep shoppers in their stores, companies are finding incentives to get the customers spending.

In addition to savvy advertisements, coupons have become one of the best marketing tools used to entice consumers.

While most people rely on the Sunday paper or the Internet for their coupon source, you can get those coupons delivered right to your home.

Here are several ways to get free coupons in the mail.


Step 1

Internet and in-store sign ups

Practically every Website offers the browser an option to sign up for free newsletters, free savings codes, and free e-mail alerts regarding new or ongoing sales and recent products. Included in these offers are free coupons consumers receive by mail.

Every business from restaurants, retail, furniture and craft stores are getting in on the trend. It is a simple process of providing the necessary information and waiting for the mail to come.

This same process applies to in-store sign ups as well. You have the choice of either giving the cashier your information at checkout, or completing and mailing off a sign up form.

Step 2

May I have your email address and telephone number?

Do you ever wonder why sales clerks request your email and telephone number while completing a transaction?

That information is entered into their systems, and you may receive any and everything from text message and e-mail alerts, free newsletters, secret savings codes, and free coupons through the mail.

Step 3

Online forum groups

On-line forum groups are another great way to get free coupons in the mail.

Forums such as the ones found at, and, provide their members with free mail in coupons in exchange for their honest opinions about the products.

There is an added bonus to joining these forums; from time to time you get free food samples through the mail as well!

Step 4

Product registration cards

When purchasing large products such as electronics, big-ticket baby items, as well as furniture and major or small appliances, a product registration card usually accompanies it.

Resist the urge to discard these cards. Completing and mailing them to the company will keep you updated regarding recalls, as well as put you in line for occasional product coupons.

Things Needed
• Access to the Internet
• Pen or Pencil
• Coupon Organizer

Tips & Warnings
• In addition to your address, forum sites normally request information regarding your occupation, your annual household income, your age, or birthdate. These questions are only used to aid them in collecting valuable information for accurate survey and statistics results. Never should these sites ask for personal information such as your social security numbers or financial information such as your bank account number.


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