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How to calculate your retirement income needs

The need for retirement calculations Retirement calculations convert your retirement dreams into concrete goals. With retirees living longer, it is important to properly determine your income needs. Although one cannot predict the future, planning for it is certainly prudent and advisable. The... More

How to calculate compound interest

The benefit of calculating compound interest Knowing how to calculate compound interest can help you to make informed financial decisions independently. Using this techniques, you can choose among savings/investment plans, determine your pre-retirement income and more. You can calculate compound... More

How to File for Bankruptcy and What to Expect

Getting a fresh start from debt Bankruptcy is the process of reorganizing or receiving amnesty from debt via legal acknowledgement of personal insolvency. Debtors typically file for bankruptcy when there is no other option to resolve the financial complications arisen from uncontrollable debt.... More

How to wire money through Western Union

Tips for using Western Union to wire money Even though you can easily send money online through email and your bank account, this is not a very good option when you are sending money to a person with whom you are not very familiar. Western Union is a very professional and secure service to use... More


When it comes to reducing debt, no one does it better than Dave Ramsey. Never heard of him? Ramsey is an author, radio host, and television host with goal in mind: helping families become free of debt. Having learned about debt the hard way in his younger years, Ramsey now makes it his full-time... More

How to file for Social Security

It's time to retire In the United States, workers look forward to one thing, retirement. With retirement for most people comes the ability to file for Social Security benefits. These are available to people who have worked at least 10 years of eligible employment and are over the... More

How to live within your budget

Four ways to stick to a budget Times are hard for just about everyone. In an effort to make ends meet, many families are forced to find ways to live on less. In order to do so, careful planning by way of a reasonable and realistic budget has been the key to successfully surviving this economic... More

How to cut household costs in a recession

Tips for cutting household expenses There are many ways to cut your household costs in a recession. You need to understand where you are spending too much and take steps to cut those expenses. Places where household expenses can be cut are energy, heating, food and utilities. You... More

How to come up with money for the holidays

Tips for getting holiday cash The holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year. The main reason for that is not having the money needed to celebrate the holidays. There are gifts to buy, parties to attend and groceries to buy. Worrying about being able to afford to do all these things... More

How to find moving boxes for free

Getting ready to move? Here's a great way to cut cost. The whole process of moving can get expensive - and fast! In addition to coming up with closing costs, down payments, or first and last month fees for rentals, the cost of moving expenses can easily put a person in a... More